Rangers, Penquins, Knicks and NFL Draft

Dedicating this week’s offering to a longtime friend and colleague  Charlie P., who is hanging onto his final days in his journey on this earth. Heavy heart but blessed to have shared many a beer and laugh.

" It doesn't matter if I ran into Lundqvist"
” It doesn’t matter if I ran into Lundqvist!”

PITTSBURGH, PA – Before we talk Rangers, Penquins, Knicks and  the NFL Draft, here’s a question: Is it just me or would you like to kick Sid the Kid Crosby in the grill? He gets away with more crap than Hillary Clinton! 

While, I do not have an aversion to letting the players play, I do take issue when it’s blatant blindness by the REFS allowing this ass-clown to take continuous shots at the opposing players, especially the goalie. Rangers players need to police this Old School Style, with an open ice blindside shot, slew foot or a nice boarding crunch. Worth the penalty!

Catch us if you can!
Catch us if you can!

Where is Martin St.Louis? With one point through four games,  last year’s inspirational hero has been a non factor thus far. Clearly, Marty is showing his age.

Who wants it?  Balanced scoring is great, but winning teams always find someone to step up and take the lead in an effective playoff run. The Blueshirts have yet to identify who will take that role. Based on what I have seen through my eyes, I believe that Derick Brassard may emerge as that guy. He plays fired up and Coach Alain Vigneault must get him back on the ice as much as possible.

Maybe it will be Kevin Hayes who netted the game winner last night to give the Rangers a commanding 3-1 lead over Penguins. 

Islanders and Capitals-  The Boys from Uniondale blew a great opportunity to take a commanding lead in the series vs Drago  Ovechkin and his band, the Capitals.  Will they give those poor bastards dressed in Bossy, Nystrom and Potvin (sucks) jerseys one last hoorah?

It's unanimous !
It’s unanimous !

Zen Master Flash: Phil Jackson quipped that he wondered why he was not nominated for executive of the year.  That tongue-in-cheek humor is certainly understandable after the worst record in franchise history! His tenure will either be marred by ineptness or the greatest turnaround ever. With 25 million to play with and high draft pick, Jackson and his pawn Derek Fisher have some work to do to find triangle friendly picks to compliment his first mistake signing, Melo Anthony.  

Top pick in the NFL Draft: JameMESS Winston or Marcus 5-oh Mariotta?  If I’m the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I’m working a trade to some suckers ( Jets, Cleveland, Eagles) who are willing to give up a ransom to be disappointed in a year from now.

Go ahead and chime in with your opinion… cause we all know that you have one. And come back tomorrow for… somebody really good!

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