VIDEO: Memorial Day Weekend and Miracle Mets. Rod Gaspar Relives 1969

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1966-Topps-Yogi-BerraNEW YORK, NY – It all started at the Polo Grounds in 1962 and after just 7 years, the Miracle Mets gave New York City baseball fans the until thrill – a World Series championship. “Whooeee!” was their collective cry and with good reason; a stellar young pitching staff and a top Manager in Gil Hodges would surely see that squad resemble their much older, cross-town Junior Circuit baseball peers, the storied NY Yankees, for years to come.

But things don’t always appear to be what they seem, as Yogi Berra would say, and as only Time Warp Tony would know, that future was less than stellar – and mostly dreadful. Yet, this piece isn’t about remembering the many lean years that have dominated the New York Metropolitans (who are officially just the Mets, by the way). No, this is about remembering the good times. And what better times were there than in that magical year of 1969? Some could argue that 1986 was even more Amazin’ but we’re pretty sure ’69 wins that argument.

With that, we go to one of our favorite interviews since we’ve been at this, with a man that was on that 1969 team, Rod Gaspar. Have a gander:

Ah… If only the 2015 version of the Metsies could be so Miraculous. Just wait for David Godot Wright to come back and carry this squad on his back!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody! Let’s go Rangers!

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