Sports-less Summer, NY Mets Frauds, Soccer Season, Joe Torre

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“Milken” the Wilponzies? Joe Torre & Mike Milken

EL BARIO, BRONX – Yup! I am back again! Three straight days of good-looking bald black correspondents. The world may not be ready. Well, ready or not – here we come!  Here are today’s topics: This Sports-less Summer, NY Mets Frauds and Soccer Season.

Bored of Summer: Whose bright idea was it to have the majority of sports be played in the fall and spring? Is it because some of these sports started at schools and universities – so it became norm?  Wouldn’t now be a good time to get out the house, since there is nothing on TV? Granted, there was no A/C back in the day, so cool weather meant the fall through spring. We’re left with nothing but baseball to watch and frankly, that doesn’t cut it. I hate the Yankees and the Mets/Wilpons make me queasy watching the bottom fall out every year. No wonder people go to the movies and the beach. There is nothing on the TV, unless you want to watch the WNBA or the MLS.

The NY Mets & Frauds: I may be going full Fake Sandy Alderson (today’s Birthday Boy!) here but bare with me. With nothing on TV the other night, I turned on the Mets game and in the commentary box was Joe Torre and Mike Milken talking about prostate cancer. They said Micheal Milken and my mind said, “Why do we [multiple people in my head] know that name?” Yup, it was Mike Milken; head of the Savings and Loan disaster of the 80s. For you kids out there the S&L scandal was 80s version of the Global Financial Crisis. I am sure he has paid his debt to society and all but it’s the Mets and the Wilpons! After the Bernie Madoff fiasco, I damn sure wouldn’t be associated with Milken. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find owners more tone-deaf than the Wilpons.

The Mets are also frauds because they pretend to be a real team. There is talk that they may be buyers come the trade deadline. Ya gotta be kidding me! The have the arms to trade but watch the real Sandy Alderson botch this up and trade Syndergard instead of Gee – or some such nonsense. The Mets are synonymous with bad trades and expect it to continue.

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Chicago Fire fan, @Angry_Ward.

Soccer Season: Soccer is generally a fall sport but it has a summer season and this a busy stretch. America has its domestic MLS season, then there are tours by big name international clubs… Also the U-20 World Cup, Copa America, and the Women’s World Cup this year… HEY! WAKE UP! THE JETS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL! Okay, got your attention…

Look I know, the FIFA scandal was nice and caught your attention [for 30 seconds] but you’re bored unless the big fish gets caught. Well. chew on this juicy bit of hypocrisy: The US Soccer Foundation pulled an NFL/Goodell move. Star goalkeeper Hope Solo is set to go on trail soon for domestic abuse of her sister and her sister’s kid. However, with the the World Cup coming up, US Soccer decided that,  ‘We need her, she must play .’ So they suspended her during the women’s club soccer season that ended just before the world cup. Convienant I know, anyway the USA won their first group game and drew the second, a goalless draw thanks to Solo.

‘Murica! Heck Yeah!

Come back tomorrow for a Great American, Cheesy Bruin.

And a Happy Birthday to FSA/Big Al Sternberg!

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