Ready for Some Football? NFL Predictions from Grinding Ax

" Vote for Me"
" my receivers are no joke"
” My receivers are no joke.”

OXNARD, CANFL training camps are open – just as the Mets are teasing their fan base with visions of 1980’s grandeur. Moreover, Big Blue, the J-E-T-S and the rest of the NFL are gearing up to steal headlines.

-Will Eli Gump have a banner year with his arsenal of weapons or will they break down like last year?
-Can Geno Smith imitate Jay Cutler and squander a receiver corps that should dominate defenders?
-Will Darelle Revis & Company instill fear in the minds of opposing Quarterbacks and force teams to run the ball against a stingy ( when not suspended) defensive front?
-Is Antonio Cromartie going to continue his run at the Duggars with additions to his stable of Twelve Little Cromarties.

There are so many stories besides the Brady Files to enjoy before the first pre-season kickoff.

How about The Grand Wizard of  Philadelphia, Chip Kelly and the whitest team in football?  Will Demarco Murray follow up his pre- contract juggernaut season with a post payday injury plagued flop?  I’m hoping for a fumble laden campaign and a public flogging of Chipper !

Oh, don’t worry. I have not forgotten the finest sound bite Coach in New York. If he can will one of his Second City Hurlers to not blow games, Rex Foot-file Ryan has a legitimate shot at the division. Buffalo is stacked with talent – DJ Eberle is changing his sheets – on both sides of the ball. The addition of Shady McCoy can change opposing game plans.  Sorry Miss Jackson, but Freddie will be shadowed in the spotlight. Bottom line: trading the beloved Kiko Alonzo to his college Daddy was simple grand theft.  Will the sun shine on this dogs ass of a town?

" Vote for Me"
” Vote for Me”

“Keep away from Run-around Suh” – This will be the theme for the AFC East as they make their run at Dr. Evil Belichick and his Patriots.

Suh is one filthy player, who will attempt to maim opposing players each and every play. I doubt that he will Pull A Haynesworth in Miami. If I were Brady, I wouldn’t worry about my deflated balls, I’d worry about getting annihilated by this beast!

McCarthy signs with the Mets.
Short Matt signs with the Mets.

Here are my top five teams:

5) Green Bay Packers-  Aaron Rogers is the best arm in football, but the “Pack” is incomplete when it comes to defense.

4) Dallas Cowboys – While I believe that this team shows momentum after a turnaround season, I still believe that somehow they will find a way to blow it.

3) Seattle Seahawks- Why the drop off?  This team is slowly imploding from ” I want my money” syndrome . There is no way to keep the egos in check and pay everyone top dollar.

2) Buffalo Bills- Run before pass and they have a legitimate shot this year. Like the Ravens of 2000, the Bills simply need a QB who won’t blow it.

1)  Indianapolis Colts-  Andrew Luck is smart. Very smart. With some help in the backfield with Frank Gore and an improved defense,  Luck will lead this team to the Super Bowl.

Chime in with your thoughts and opinions.

Come back tomorrow for Alex Rodriguez Fan Club President, Different Matt, even if your having Mets withdrawal!

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