Big Blue It! Again. Giants Must Fire Coughlin!

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Giants

HATTIESBURG, MS – Yesterday, my colleague West Coast Craig did an amazin’ job summarizing the Mets’ unexpected run to the World Series. Craig’s column was a mixture of eloquence and poetry. Being bereft of both, I instead offer a helping of vitriol and hell-fire that’s aimed at the venerable, old codger New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin.

Let me pause for the knee-jerk genuflecting at the body of work performed admirably by Coach Coughlin over his long career. His has been a Hall of Fame-worthy career with huge accomplishments at all career stops – not the least of which includes being the storied Giants franchise’s winningest coach.

Alright, with that behind us, may I now suggest that Coughlin should have been fired two years ago? And now at long last, his removal is not just a “must,” but maybe even a mercy “killing?” No, I don’t wish any harm on the great old coach, who’s earned his place in Canton. I just want him gone. To go home. To go spend quality time with his grandchildren. Because Coughlin no longer has a place on the Giants’ sideline.                                                                       coach

Asking one to “put aside” two Super Bowl victories is a little like asking, “All things considered Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?” But we have reached such a point. Coughlin has been justifiably credited – even canonized for having led Big Blue to two championships in 5 seasons. But how much glory is he owed still? Hasn’t he already been very well rewarded in every way imaginable?

How was the show?
How was the show?

Underneath the kudos lies a more recent body of work that says Coughlin’s coaching has not met expectations. Once again, Super Bowl wins notwithstanding, Coughlin’s teams have underachieved relentlessly and have amassed a grand total of zero playoff victories in every other season. The Giants have missed the playoffs entirely the past 3 seasons, and didn’t qualify for the NFL postseason 5 of the last 6 years. How much longer?

Often, Coughlin is described as “old school,” a “disciplinarian” who prides himself on leading well-run teams who keep their composure at critical times. The only problem with these platitudes? They’re not true.

Annually, no team plays with such lack of discipline as the Giants. No team plays as fast or as loose with the ball as Coughlin’s Giants. Soul-crushing penalties in crucial situations. Late hits. False starts. Poor clock management. Blown leads. Blown games. Blown seasons. These are now the staples of Coughlin’s teams. How many times over the past decade have the G-Men jumped out to 6-2 records only to finish around .500?

This season is no exception. Sunday’s loss in New Orleans was atrocious. This year’s team should be no worse than 6-2 right now. Instead they’re 4-4 with a road game at improving Tampa Bay and a showdown with Tom Brady and the Pats the week after. New Orleans dropped 52 on the Giants. Anyone want to guess what Brady and Gronk might do?

We play the Giants Defense in 2 weeks!
We play the Giants Defense in 2 weeks!

I don’t. I’ve seen this show before. I know how it ends. It’s time for a great coaching career to come to an end. Remember the definition of insanity? Expecting a different result this time?

Maybe it’s time for Angry Ward… or at least check out his column.

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