Ebs’ Hot Takes: Odell Beckham Jr and Sexy Rexy

CLIFTON PARK, NY – It was quite the week in the NFL.OBJ2

The Carolina Panthers stayed undefeated, the Buffalo Bills were eliminated from the playoffs once again and Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to play the best football of his career. It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?

Anyways, here’s this week’s set of Ebs’ Hot Takes:

Odell Beckham Jr. is a child. Look, I’ll come right out and say it: I don’t like Odell Beckham Jr. I never have and probably never will. His antics are absolutely foolish. Not only does he target guys game after game, but when he scores a touchdown? He acts like he’s never been there before.

Time after time Beckham Jr. throws a punch after he gets roughed up a little bit.OBJJN Well, you know what? It’s football, man. You’re going to get hit a little bit.

He’s a prima donna, and it was highlighted earlier in the season when the New York Giants faced the Bills. And Sunday, under a microscope, OBJ’s true colors were brought to light once again.

IMG_2254If Beckham Jr. isn’t suspended for a least a game, than the NFL is sending a clear message that behavior like this is acceptable. He’s out there putting other players, himself and his team at risk. Not to mention, if Graham Gano missed the game-winning field goal, he would have gotten to kick again because Beckham Jr. lined up over the long snapper.

And he didn’t even do anything. That’s the worst part.

Sit down and shut up OBJ. Just go out and play the game. Is it really that hard?

Disappointing Buffalo Bills. Before I go any further… No, Rex Ryan is not going to be fired.

Like every other Bills fan, I am very disappointed with the way this season has turned out. What is most disappointing is the amount of talent on this team and the way this group has underachieved. Sure Rex is somewhat to blame, but it’s not all on him.

To me, it was very clear that from a defensive standpoint, this season was about figuring out who fit and who didn’t.  With that, we should expect this unit to make some huge strides in the off-season and be a very stout unit next year – once Ryan gets some guys that fit his system better.

I expect some major changes in the next couple of days. Will Dennis Thurman be here come Sunday? Probably not, rex-ryan-buffalo-billsbut it would be nice.

What I would like is for Rex to actually call the defense. That’s what most people forget. Rex isn’t the one controlling the play-calling. He’s also isn’t false starting or jumping offside. At some point you have to hold the players accountable, and it finally sounds like that’s starting to happen.

Yeah, some people say Rex can’t coach a winner and that his ego gets in the way, but he’s done it before and with a much worse team.

One other aspect I would like to point out is the injuries. Yes, every team deals with them, but I would like to note that a starting wide receiver, defensive tackle, safety, corner back and three critical depth guys on defense are all on the injured reserve. Believe me, I’m not trying make excuses, but when everyone else makes them for teams like the New England Patriots (i.e. Dion Lewis and Julian Edleman), why can’t they be made for the Bills as well?

Oh well. Maybe next year.

You don’t have to wait till next year for Big Al Sternberg, though. He’ll be here tomorrow.

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