Tanaka and Harvey Injured? Season of Worry

Tanaka and Harvey: Can he pitch with snapped left leg?

NEW YORK, NY – While editing a Rugby Wrap Up video covering a match between Greenwich High School’s Cardinals (not the singularly snotty Cardinal) and the Xavier Road Warriors (they literally have no home field) that drew 3,000 fans – three thousand – we had the Mets game on in the background. And while we admittedly would rather watch reruns of The View than subject ourselves to Yankees games, the underbellies of both the Bronx Bombers and Queens Amazins have one glaring trouble spot exposed in their big guns, Tananka and Harvey. Will this be a Season of Worry for fans of both teams?

Kei Igawa Chen Ming Wang… uh… Masahiro Tanaka: Who’s kidding who, here? Sure, the guy has looked pretty good this year, teasing Yankee fans with strong performances in his last two outings, specifically, but you can count on one hand the number Pinstripe fans that don’t worry that Matsui er,  Tanaka won’t go Carl Pavano on them. And this is the guy they are counting on to be… competitively mediocre. We feel your [elbow] pain, Bronx baseball brethren, we do. We’ve been there over and over. Maybe you bring in Dr. Rick Peterson, who fixed Victor Zambrano? Either way, we realize the situation for us tortured, scared and scarred Mets fans is no where near as bad as it is for you poor slobs.

On that note…

jose-reyes-mugshotMatt Harvey: If you listened to all pertinent Mets’ parties – Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Terry Collins and Harvey on mic last night, you couldn’t help sense this urgency to stress how well the hopeful ace pitched. “His best outing this year,” is what Skipper Collins called it. But it was Hernandez that got us worried. Keith’s tone and Dark Knight discourse was that of a Life Coach, stressing every little positive with a fragile client. And for us, that’s disconcerting. If you’ve listened to him for any length of time, you know Mex is anathema to keeping secrets. And really, did last night’s solid but workmanlike performance against a Reds team that couldn’t hit water if it fell out of a boat, remind anyone of the Matt Harvey that electrified all with his last World Series start – you know, the one that Terry Collins underscored his inability to manage in big games?  No, it did not. And that has us watching Harvey pitch like we watched Jose Reyes run to first… we’re Waiting To Exhale.

Oh, yes we did…

That’s all for now. The Baseball Fan Suicide Hotline is down right now – sorry –  but feel free to chat via Twitter with us @MeetTheMatts or our Community Relations Expert, @AldersonFake. And come back tomorrow for a fellow Yankees fan whom is on the ledge after the Rangers imploded, Different Matt.

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