Thoughts on Knicks, Yankees and… Eagles???

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– Derrick Rose has created quite a stir with his recent comments that “everyone” is putting the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors in the same category of “Super Teams” in the NBA. While pundits have recently stated that something must be wrong – mentally – with Rose, I think its actually the complete opposite. When you think back to the roster the Knicks put out during the 2014-2015 season, this most certainly is a super team, at least for Knicks fans. We have patiently waited for a basketball team that we could root for; it’s just been difficult the last few years when you see the team lose on a consistent basis. I for one, am ecstatic about what the upcoming season will bring, am I delusional… Maybe but that won’t stop me from expecting great things for this season.

As for the Yankees, they finally decided to be sellers this season….or have they. They traded Aroldis Chapman (see Junoir Blaber article).To be fair, I recently wrote an article about the Yankees, and how they shouldn’t be sellers this season but I really did like the trade for both teams. In Gleyber Torres, you get the Cubs number 1 prospect and a second prospect, Billy McKinney, a prospect that the Yankees were interested in drafting before being taken by the Oakland Athletics in the 2013 MLB Draft. In bringing back Adam Warrem, you get a key piece back from last years bullpen that you traded for Starlin Castro, this past offseason. The last guy I will pass on writing about, as much is not known about the player other than…he is young with potential (Aren’t they all).

4 players for 1 closer. I’ll do that deal a 1,000 times over. Good job by the Yankees.

With that trade completed, there is talk that the Yankees will wait a couple more days to see if they can inch ever closer to a playoff spot before deciding to sell anymore pieces. That comes with recent Brian Cashman comments stating the Yankees are looking at every possible trade that can help the team, whether it’s for now or the future. Say what? So are the Yankees both buying and selling, I guess it depends on who you ask…

On the NFL Front… Here are some questions to consider as training camp opens for my favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

AndyReid1Will Doug Pederson learn from Andy Reid’s mistakes, most importantly, clock management, late in close games? I really don’t want to watch another ten years of late game clock mismanagement because if there was one thing I hated about Andy, it was having no time outs, late in games when they would surely would be needed.

Will the Eagles get back to having one of the best defenses in the league? This has bothered me lately and I certainly, love the fact that we no longer have Bill Davis as defense Coordinator. I don’t think he did enough to put the players in positions to succeed and that played a part in having a weak defense the last two years. All Hail Jim Schwartz!

Can Carsen Wentz be a franchise quarterback? I sure hope so considering that they traded up twice just for the chance to draft him. Almost everyone knows that he likely wont play a down this season so we won’t know for sure until at least… year three so patience will be needed for a fan base that expects to win every year.

Eagles fans; good luck rooting for Sam Bradford for the next year or two.

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