Best Olympic Moment, MLB Mismanagement, Yankees Own NY… Again

Yankees Fans vs Mets FansNEW YORK, NY – As the Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas Flushing build to untenable levels (Sandy Alderson & Terry Collins Fear for their jobs, Mets fans Loathe what they see), we find ourselves looking for something positive to cling to as the Waters of Sports Doom wash away the MLB season, especially here in NY. After scouring the Information Super Highway and rifling through bound periodicals at the library (a place with things called “books“), a quest to find the Summer Games’ Best Olympic Moment served as a needed distraction. But in the name of journalistic objectivity, there is a positive for local baseball fans that root for the Junior Circuit squad in the Bronx; the New York Yankees Own NY… Again.

First up, let’s get to the Best Olympic Moment. One could argue that the whole Ryan Lochte saga made these games exciting – and it did – but it’s not Sweeps Week, so we’re not going to reward stupidity today. And the gymnasts and Usain Bolt might get some kind of nod… if it weren’t for the Irish Rowers (not to be confused with The Irish Rovers). Just watch this:

That wins. Best Olympic Moment… likely ever.

Changing gears, and it pains this pundit to admit this, but the New York Yankees have stolen back NYC from their cross-town rivals, again. With their MLB Trade Deadline corpse-cutting moves and subsequent youth movement, the Stanks reclaimed the local baseball mojo from the Amazin’Mess – who lost their NYC bragging rights in record time.  Terry Collins has fully lost the plot and only MLB Mismanagement keeps the league-appointed Sandy Alderson in his position, which is apparently without any accountability. What’s even more exciting for Bronx Bombers fans is that they have a ton o’cash coming off the books and can simply augment their young guns. We suggest, on the coattails of Ben Whitney, that hold a Baby Bomber Boner Night at The House That Greed BuiltUse your imagination.


That’s all for now, we’re off to Coney Island for the Mets Legends thing, hungover from tearing this town apart last night with MTM’s Doc and Darryl, Junoir Blaber and Different Matt. They are allegedly still out and will miss our Brooklyn Cyclones gig today.

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