Throwin’ Picks, Little League Bat Flips, Hockey Sticks and Olympics Fix

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ – It’s been almost a year since making this Raceway Park town my permanent temporary residence and I have gained twelve pounds and added to my cholesterol count, as both numbers currently sit at the same 236. If I don’t move soon, I will undoubtedly creep into Walter Hudson territory, whereupon door frames will be cut in order to free me from the house. Been busy doing nothing other than stuffing my face and watching enough television to adequately report on today’s topics: Throwin’ Picks, Little League Bat Flips, Hockey Sticks and Olympics Fix:
Walter Hudson

I’m guilty of watching August football, as some still call the “exhibition” season. To me, an exhibition is normally something to behold in grand fashion, a spectacle if you will, so when I see a dress rehearsal of second and third rate football players running around like kids at recess, I’ll settle for the term “preseason” to describe the action. Whatever you call these summertime NFL games, Geno Smith is at it again, throwing trademark interceptions, missing open receivers or turning simple routes into those needing an acrobatic effort for a completion. New York Jets management needs to turn the page on this guy quickly. If they can get a sixth-round pick from a desperate team looking for a backup quarterback, pull the trigger. Bryce Petty and rookie Christian Hackenburg can be groomed into a lot better than what Smith is.

llwsI really do enjoy watching the Little League World Series every year, even if kids are wearing double batting gloves and eye-black, just like their Major League heroes. The boys are truly polished at the plate in their approach but fielding is where some teaching time needs be spent. I can deal with sloppiness in the field but when I start to see bat flips from the tykes, I have to draw the line where sportsmanship is involved. Warwick, Rhode Island batter Colin Lemieux creamed a pitch over the left field trees and finished things off with a little mustard.  Judge for yourself.

Hockey sticks were traded for lawn sticks back in June when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup.  However, the New York Rangers made the news this past week as highly-coveted Hobey Baker Award winner and free agent Jimmy Vesey (pronounced Vee-see) signed to be a top-six forward at a bargain price.  The Boston native spurned the Bruins and several other teams in a sweepstakes that tipped in the Blueshirts favor, due to Vesey and Kevin Hayes being buttbuddies.  Yeah, I’m a little bitter but it gives me reason to hope the Bruins cave his teeth in when the two teams meet this season.

Rio Olympics Badminton Women
Olympic Badminton. Sexy.

The Olympics are saved for last, since I’ve found them very boring.  Table tennis, badminton, and speed-walking are sports?  Jee-zuhs save us!  I watched USA vs. Spain in men’s basketball and witnessed lots of missed eight to ten foot shots and subsequent put-backs by the USA.  Can they just give us the gold medal for this sport since we never lose and probably never will, so long as the professionals take to the hardwood. Very boring.  I’d almost like to see an upset.  Zzzzz.

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