More Tebow News?! Farewell Big Papi; Knicks Open Camp; Eagles Dominate

Scary, isn’t it?

SPANISH HARLEMTim Tebow hit a home run today and that got me thinking; Can we somehow sneak Tim Tebow onto the Mets playoff roster? If we put Jay Bruce’s uniform on Tebow will people care? Can we make a Bruce mask similar to the one made of Tom Brady… just in case? How awesome would that be? I’m all in! But watch this first:

In other news...

Big Papi: With the Yankees bidding farewell to the post season, there is another farewell that I would like to touch: the last few games for Big Papi at Yankees Stadium. I know most Yankee fans have been dreading this day since the news emerged that the Yanks would be doing a farewell ceremony in his honor. At first I thought this was crazy because David Ortiz has been the ultimate Yankee killer. Then I realized that this will be the last time he will torment my favorite team and you know what? It makes me feel great joy because (to me) it feels more like a “good riddance” than a farewell. But I’ll let the Yankees call it what they want.

Big Papi is beloved by the Red Sox and baseball fans alike. He smiles a lot and genuinely seems like a great guy. Yet there is still something deep inside me that loathes him. I’m sure most Yankee fans can relate, so I’m here to say… moon him if you want, serenade him with the loudest boos he will ever hear and please, oh please, chant “Big Papi Sucks” during the ceremony. That would the perfect ending to a great career, adios Big Papi.

Knicks:  Training camp has begun and the fresh smell of basketball is on the air. This is the time when fans talk about the teams potential, whether they will make the playoffs and how long it will be before Derrick Rose is injured. As a fan I am biased but I think this team will be really good and I don’t mean good compared to last year. I mean good as in… one of the top teams in the East. I know that seems like a stretch when you consider they only won 32 games last season but this starting 5 is as good as any the Knicks have had in the last ten years. This group seems hungry to win and that will bring playoff basketball to the Garden again this season.

In Wentz We Trust

Eagles:  The people of Philadelphia could not be happier; the Iggles played a great all-around game, with stout defense and timely offense. I’m sure some analysts thought the game would be close but nobody expected them to dominate the way they did. The defense pressured Ben Roethlisberger enough to make him uncomfortable and that is saying a lot for a quarterback known for escaping the pocket and making plays happen outside the hash marks. Antonio Brown still had a good game but he was kept out of the end zone and that is a small victory in itself when you consider how good that duo has been for the Steelers.

There is definitely a lot to like about this Eagles team but what most fans will talk about is the play of Carson Wentz, who is making Browns fans cringe over ownership’s decision to trade the second pick in the draft. I know questions lingered about his potential in the NFL with questions like: Can red-heads can play quarterback in the NFL (see Andy Dalton)? How would his talent would translate after playing quarterback in the FBS? So far those questions have been answered. Wentz has looked and acted like a franchise quarterback, he continues to make the right reads and avoid the turnovers that can change the momentum of a game. I just hope fans will show the same appreciation when he eventually has a bad game (I doubt it!).

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