NY Giants: Eli is a Dangerous Man, Odell’s Resolutions, Third Magical Run

Giants on a Boat

STAMFORD, CT: ESPN has the NY Giants as the second least likely NFC team to get to Houston, at 2.6% behind only the Lions. I don’t know how they got this number, but it seems that recent history is not heavily weighted. Come playoff time, Eli Manning is a dangerous man. But can this team run the table on the road, like the 2007 team?

Sunday we saw what has become the GWF (Giants’ Winning Formula) – lean on the defense and make enough plays on offense to get the job done. The defense was dominating, especially when the Jackrabbit was in the game. McAdoo was coy all week about how long his starters would play, but he said they’d go for the win and they did. Only Jackrabbit Jenkins and Odell were rested in the second half, but their replacements – DRC and Tavarres King (who you may remember from pre-season) – stepped up and made pivotal plays.

Giants on a Boat

And Kudos to Odell for getting started on two of his New Year’s Resolutions right away.

  1. Turn the Other Cheek: Josh Norman can’t run with ODB. We all know it. His only hope is to get into ODB’s head. Beckham didn’t take the obvious bait and Norman took two dumb penalties trying to get him to bite. Said Beckham after the game probably, “I look forward to burning this clown until he gets cut for salary cap reasons in 2019.”
  2. Party with the Biebs: Who doesn’t have this resolution on their list? Beckham and a load of his fellow WRs flew down to Miami after the game to party with the one and only Justin Bieber (and also hang out on a boat). People criticized them for some reason. He’s a 24-year old superstar and the Giants are off on Monday. Where should he be?
I Wished I Played in Another Division. I Can’t Cover Odell.

Could they?: Is there a team in the NFC you think the Giants can’t beat? Or the AFC? I reckon Belichick probably wants to see anyone else in SB, should the Pats get there. The Giants’ D makes them a contender. Beckham is the most feared receiver in the game and Eli has done it before.

I Don’t Know: That offensive line tho. They deserve credit for a season high 161 yards on the ground Sunday, but the pass protection was again mediocre. Marshall Newhouse, stepping in for the injured Bobby Hart, had an untimely, drive crushing holding penalty that quashed early offensive momentum. Aaron Rodgers had a TD pass on Sunday night on a brilliant scramble to his left. But our hero Eli needs time. It’s hard to think the Giants can get to Houston without this zit breaking out on their forehead. The odds are against a third magical run inside of 10 years.

From Eli’s “SB Memories” Scrapbook

Though they’ve done it before, getting out of Lambeau in January with a win is no easy task. The Pack won their last six to plow into the playoffs. But is it me or does it feel a bit like Rodgers and Co are a little too happy with themselves after coming through on the “run the table” prediction? The Giants should be able to limit the Pack’s run game and they have the secondary to hang with a dangerous GB receiving corps. The depleted Packer secondary lost a few more men on Sunday and Eli should be able to take advantage. The Giants will need to run the ball with Perkins to limit Aaron’s opportunities. In their week 5 matchup, Bobby Rainey led the Giants in rushing with 22 yards. Yikes. But these are two very different teams. Nary a soul thought the Giants would win 11 games after that loss. Kudos Ben McAdoo. The temperature is expected to be in the teens. This a very tough draw. But come Sunday, I’ll be Beliebing believing.  Go Giants.

Happy New Year! Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, a man who mocked my bet of the Giants winning over 8 games this year. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit8 & @MeetTheMattsInstagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.


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