Cheerleaders, Super Bowl Saturday, Cheesy Bruin NFL Picks, Tomorrow’s Hangover

New England Patriots cheerleaders (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

NEW YORK, NY – Working through a hangover after recovering from Friday’s hangover, is not the smartest way to begin Super Bowl Sunday. And it’s no fun waking up to find that Cheesy Bruin is MIA with his column… having texted [mailed-in) his Free NFL Picks from some bar in the bowels of Florida. With Angry Ward having flown south this week, we smell a rat… the impressionable Cheese Man was likely hoodwinked into a bourbon-filled soiree with 3-legged dogs and persons of ill-repute. But we’ll leave that tale for DJ Eberle, tomorrow. Today’s about why we should have Super Bowl Saturday, how to prep for Tomorrow’s Hangover and we’ll also get you Cheesy Bruin’s Big Game Picks.

Yesterday started with an Irish Breakfast at the Pig N Whistle on W36th, watching Ireland and Scotland beat the haggis out of each other before 80K fans at a sold-out Murrayfield in Edinburgh. That was followed by France gagging on Roastbif vs England in another thriller, which is referred to by the “Garlic eaters” as, “Le Crunch.” After that, Team USA played Uruguay at 4m – we won by a nose – and there was also the World Series of Rugby Sevens, in which our USA Men and Women had exciting but mixed results. And you know what? The Super Bowl should have been right in the middle of it all.

Move the game to a Saturday! We are forced to endure a bye week anyway, so it’s not like it will be a short week. The entire country will be better off as productivity won’t be dulled by hungover workers, fighting back vomit or struggling to stay awake. How many accidents happen in the workplace the Monday after the Super Bowl? We’ve got two bits that says it’s high noticeably high number. From a marketing standpoint, a 6pm EST Saturday night kick-off makes viewing times reasonable in places like Japan, Australia, Samoa (they produce more NFL players per capita than anywhere else), New Zealand and China. Yeah, they watch in China. You get the point.

As for the hangover, stock up on Pedialyte and tomato soup. You’ll need seltzer and Advil. And here are 13 Legit Ways to Stop a Hangover. You’re welcome…. But Jesus H. Christ, let’s move this frogging game to a Saturday.

Enough of that, though, let’s get to Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks… His money-makers for today’s Big Game are: Atlanta 31 New England 21… So Atlanta +3 and the Under of 59.

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders. Image: Reuters

That’s it. Please comment below and come back tomorrow for Falcons Bandwagon Fan, DJ Eberle. And please follow us on Twitter – @CheesyBruin & @MeetTheMatts, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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