Big Ben Tuesday: NFL QB Staring Contests; Brock Osweiler, Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo

Bye Dallas

CHUNKY, MISSISSIPPI – I’ve got my head turned toward the NFL again, and the QB Chinese fire drill is riveting. The landscape for quarterbacks is pretty barren – only old and fragile veterans remain available, while the draft class is filled with not-ready-for-prime-time projects. Anybody with an arm and a few snaps under his belt is getting a look. But the two most dramatic situations involve Jimmy Garropolo and Tony Romo. Teams are desperate for their services and are locked in staring contests, waiting for the other to blink first. Let’s take a look.

Bye Dallas


The first domino fell on Friday, when Brock Osweiler was dumped on the Cleveland Browns for a 2018 2nd round draft pick. Putting aside that this is not what very reputabl experts were telling the Browns to do, the trade was pretty well received. The Browns were praised as being creative but I don’t know if I see it that way. The Houston Texans were dying to dump Brock. Couldn’t the Browns have pushed for a second round pick in this year’s draft? When do the Browns plan to actually try to get good? It’s not like they have been nailing their draft picks, either.

Cleveland has to pay Brock $16 million dollars, so they basically bought a draft pick. That is against the rules, but the league doesn’t seem to care. The Browns tried to pawn Brock off on another team, but they got more doors slammed in their faces than a Jehovah’s Witness canvassing in Mumbai (sorry PW).

The Next Brock Osweiler?

Supposedly the last straw was when Brock’s replacement Tom Savage had to come out of a game with a concussion. The word is that Savage was raging because he couldn’t go back in while Osweiler was raging because he had to go in. Sounds like a skit.

Only Jared Goff and Blaine Gabbert had worse statistical seasons than Brock. The Browns do not want to go into the season with this guy as their man. His stats weren’t bad when he had a clean pocket but they plummeted with any pressure. The man can’t take the heat. But Brock was never the man Cleveland wanted – they’re all googly-eyed for Jimmy G.

The Browns are likely looking to include that second round pick from the Texans in a deal for the Pats QB. But the Patriots know they have the nuts and are slow playing the Browns. The Pats can afford to be patient, but they may be feeling a little more pressure to recoup some picks after dealing two high ones for Brandin Cooks. Though maybe Satan’s servants don’t feel pressure, I’m not sure.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if either team caves as the draft approaches. I think the Browns will go big and get it done. The Pats love draft picks and know they can get a bunch from the Browns. They won’t get the overall number #1 pick, but will get the Browns other first round pick (#12) and at least two other high picks.

Tony Stark… not Tony Romo!


The Cowboys seemed set to cut lovable choker Tony Romo and the Texans and Broncos were ready to pounce. But Jerry Jones got the idea that he could trade Romo instead. So far he’s been unable to strike a deal. A team would have to be pretty desperate to trade assets for an aging, injury prone QB and his $24 million salary. The guy broke his back on his very first pre-season hit last year, he’s not exactly an iron man.

I’m sure Dallas would be willing to eat some of the money if they can get something of value, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. You’d think the possibility of going into the season with Tom Savage and Trevor Simian would spur these teams into action, but Tony comes with a lot of risk.

The Cowboys have no pressing need to do anything with Romo until the summer. They might want to free up the money now to go after some remaining free agents, but they don’t save any money by cutting him now.

Jerry Jones is adamant that they can keep him, but the Broncos and Texans seem willing to call that bluff. If he does get to free agency, he can sign with any team he wants and it opens up the door for a dark horse to step in. Chiefs maybe?

My bet is that Romo will eventually get cut and sign with the Texans. They seem to want him more and he can stay in Texas.


It sure was nice to see the Giants sign G/T DJ Fluker. Even if he stinks, at least they brought in someone. Without some OL improvement, it won’t matter if Brandon Marshall or Penny Marshall is playing WR.

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