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No invite to join Patriots and President Trump.

BOSTON, MA – Here in Boston, there is a definitely a good vibe when it comes to talking sports. And really, why wouldn’t there be? Their beloved New England Patriots are stealing national headlines during the first month of the Major League Baseball season and the blood, guts and beards of the NHL playoffs.

First it was Aaron Hernandez… The jailed-for-murder New England tight end took his life, allegedly after taking the life of east one person. Sure, there are those that would rightfully argue that his death is not something we should waste any angst over; that he was a piece of [bleep] that at least had the decency to save tax-payers their hard-earned money for not having to house him in a cell for the rest of his life. But Jesus, this is one of those cases where feeling some empathy for a young guy that had everything but was so screwed up he couldn’t escape his demons and left a trail of broken lives in his meteoric downward spiral, is understandable. Hopefully, the next Ray Lewis and/or Ray Rice are paying close attention.

The Pats were also all over the news re their visit to President Trump’s White Housesans Tom Brady. There was a huge attempt to make this into a huge story. It’s not, folks. The comparison photos of the turnout next to the turnout by the team to Barack Obama’s White House are simply a matter of who is standing for one photo and who is not. The Patriots even Tweeted that as many as 40 staff members were seated during the photo this time around.

As for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., he bagged the visit to President Obama’s lawn party as well. Even CNN says this is non-story… at least in print, anyway. On TV they have air-time to fill, by discussing this as no big deal… for hours and hours. More importantly, Brady’s Mom is ill. The real story is that he’s prioritizing properly.

Finally, there’s no place like Fenway Park. Driving into this traffic-ravaged, yet still iconic and visit-worthy gem of Americana and its history, the lighted up ballpark is a sight/site to behold. And the Red Sox weren’t even home – they are in Charanta. It’s better than Wrigley, sorry Cubs fans – and by far our nation’s best sports venue. Dare you disagree?

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