VIDEO: Mets Mantra #GoodMetsFun, 17.3 of Rangers Hell, Noah Has Thor Finger

Our thoughts are with Todd Heap and his family after the retired NFL star struck and killed his 3-year-old daughter Friday afternoon in what is being called a tragic accident.

MONTREAL, CANADA – We’re exhausted from an emotional roller-coaster ride from watching the NHL Playoffs and Week Two of MLB baseball. A look at the crease on the edges of our seats from our fat floppy derrières gives it away.

Speaking of creases...
The Montreal Canadiens ripped the hearts out the NY Rangers’ chests last night, by egregiously violating a valiant Henrik Lundquist’s crease, particularly with 17.3 seconds left in regulation. Even Cheesy Bruin, a notorious King Henry beheader, will have to admit that Hank was nothing more than heroic in facing a career-high 58 shots. Still, a loss is a loss and the bigger Habs finally wore down the good guys. Check out what Derek Stepan had to say:
You have to step up and play physically in the playoffs, but we’re built around speed and execution, coming with speed with passes out of the D-zone. The playoffs are a different brand of hockey, but as a group I believe that we have to try not to change our identity. You have to be able to do what you do best.
Les Frogs did that last night… stay tuned.

AP, NY Post Photo…

Noah has a Thor finger

As if the Rangers loss wasn’t bad enough, we had to endure Noah Syndergaard again being forced from a stellar performance because of a Thor finger. It’s actually two split nails, one on his pointer finger and one on the middle finger. We’d love for him to show opposing hitters the one on his middle finger as often as possible this year. If he can avoid the DL, we should all consider painting his face on ours. Oh, and get this; he has to glue cake nails on the existing damaged ones. This only happens in Flushing.

Did somebody mention Flushing?

Well… For fans of the oft snake-bitten MLB National League franchise of Flushing, New York Mets catch-phrases and seasons of slogans have come and gone. In fact, they’re go-to fodder for fans of the bordering borough’s Bronx Bombers, when they needle rooters for the less successful gang in orange and blue. With that, we dispatched our team of Sports Rain Man Junoir Blaber and MTM founder Short Matt to Citi Field to end this nonsense once and for all! How they do this? How can they end this torment for Mets fans? Easy! All that was needed was one timeless, all-encompassing and #hashtagable Mets Mantra for The Ages

There you have it, a marvelous Mets Mantra for the rest of time! But we don’t want to leave fans of other teams without something to chant/embrace, so this one’s for everyone:

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