#Knicktape Forum: Phil Jackson, Kristap Porzingis and Knicks NBA Draft

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – I have been so sad the last couple of days… and it’s not the New York Yankees 7-game losing streak (that finally ended) to blame. Every time I hear a New York Knicks story with the name of Phil Jackson attached to it, I become depressed. Throughout all the bad years the Knicks have had in my lifetime, none feels worse than the last couple. As the draft approaches, I have no faith in this organization to make the right decisions for a respectable year. With that said lets discuss the latest news on everything Knicks.

Phil Jackson is entertaining offers for Kristap Porzingis, this city’s new favorite player. With his history of bad decisions as President of Basketball Operations, it’s safe to say that every fan is scared to death. No sensible person would trade a unicorn like Porzingis but when you realize it’s Phil pushing the buttons, you know anything is possible. His resume as President is so bad, no one thinks he will ever get another job once his contract is done yet James Dolan continues to let him destroy this team. Don’t get me started about that dam Triangle Offense he continues to push on players and coaches because I will go crazy.

With the NBA Draft finally here I don’t trust management to get it right. This organization was very fortunate to land KP as the 4th pick and yet we are possibly watching his last days in uniform. Knicks fans don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the future much, especially when you the expect the team to lose a lot but today we get to dream about drafting the perfect player – with the number 8th pick this season – you hope that you find the gem that every team overlooked. You fantasize about getting the smartest player with the best work ethic and the most complete game. Sure that’s wishful thinking but today is the only day you get a chance to dream… so dam it dream all you want.

The rumor around the franchise is that the Knicks are looking to draft the French point guard Frank Milli Vanilli… or is it Frank Ntilikina… who cares, you know who I’m talking about! He seems to be the ideal Triangle player because he is a tall point guard that can shoot from outside and also defend the perimeter. This all sounds like great traits until you consider that Phil Jackson might not be back after his contract runs out and a new offensive system is brought in. The compelling argument is whether Ntilikina would be the best player available or just the best player Jackson thinks can conform to the offense. Some have stated Dennis Smith Jr. could be the best player available at 8 but what the other teams do in front of them will dictate who the team drafts.

If you ask me, my gut feeling tells me they should draft Malik Monk. Not sure why I’m so high on him because I didn’t watch him play much in college but analysts have compared his shot making ability to Stephen Curry. I can definitely fall in love with a player that can light it up from deep, especially in the Garden where the crowd would go absolutely crazy. I know the Knicks really need a point guard but in this offense, it’s not needed as much. Draft Monk and see him provide some great moments until we all get to run Jackson out the Garden doors.

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