Thursday Night Football Sucks, Redzone Channel Rocks, Red Sox Sign Stealing

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Buddy Diaz, MeetTheMatts.comSPANISH HARLEM, NY – Football is upon us! No more waiting, watching meaningless preseason games hoping that our favorite players don’t get hurt. If your a fantasy team owner, enjoy it now because it will all come crashing down. Gamble every bit of money so you care a little bit more. Have parties, buy drinks! Its time for football… so that’s where I’ll begin.

NFL,, Buddy Diaz. Thursday Night Football Sucks, Redzone Channel Rocks, Red Sox Stealing
S-U-C-K-S… Jets, Jets, Jets!

Since the start of Thursday Night NFL games, most fans have dreaded the effects that it has had on its team and to their schedule. The worst thing an NFL team wants to do is play a game on Sunday only to turn around a play another game 4 days later. Coaches hate it because they are creatures of habit and need every ounce of every minute to dissect the team they will play against. Players hate it because they don’t get a full week to recover and because coaches are stuffing them with information that they have to digest with minimal prep time. It doesn’t make sense that the league wants to make the game safer yet asks teams to play games for which they can’t fully prepare. It’s no coincidence that Thursday Night games are some of the sloppiest and ugliest games of the season… So why do they play them? Because we love every minute of football we can consume, that’s why.

I don’t even watch full games anymore. What’s the point when you have the RedZone Channel?! You know god loves football when he put that idea in someone’s brain, “Let’s have a channel that shows all the action and none of the commercials!” Holy Sh*t, I’m in heaven. I never wanted to buy the NFL season pass because it’s lunacy trying to watch every game on at 1 & 4 pm. Monday Night Football used to be a great event but it definitely has lost its luster. Now I watch and think that I’d rather watch a bunch of teams at the same time with highlights then just two teams and an abundance of interviews I rather not listen to. Sundays are truly the best days for football, so that should be opening day if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch on Thursdays, just like the rest of America.

NFL RedZone,, Buddy Diaz
Click for NFL Nirvana…

Before I leave you today, I wanted to chime in on the Boston Red Sox Sign-Stealing. What is it with the state of Massachusetts and cheating anyway? I don’t want to make it look like it’s the people that live there because they are not to blame though some of them still suck – but their teams, at the very least, should show some dignity. Every team in every league wants to gain an edge when they can. Most teams will cheat if it will get them to where they want to be. Baseball is no different. I know some traditionalists won’t approve but some unwritten rules have to change. With the improvements in technology, the lines will be blurred, so let’s do something now before it becomes a controversy in a really important game.

The last thing you want to do is congratulate a cheater.

That’s It! Come back to tomorrow for something splintering from Grinding Ax Walter Hynes, who is rumored to have congratulated a cheater or two…  Also, feel free to comment below and please follow us on Twitter @BuddyDiaz19, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook pages, Meet The Matts & Buddy Diaz.

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