Yankees Win the Wildcard

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Spanish Harlem, NY – What a night of baseball it was for Yankee fans on Tuesday! On a night when Luis Severino couldn’t get out of the first inning, the Baby Bombers still found a way to win. There is no more talk of how the Yankees needed to win this game to have a good season. The sins of Pinstripes Past have spoiled many. Getting to the Wild Card was just icing on the cake. We wanted to more. We needed more.

I will be the first to tell you that making the playoffs was a great accomplishment, Wild Card or not. I went into this season knowing full well that this team could be as good as any, but I also knew they were young and inexperienced. Even when they took the division lead for much of early going, I had my doubts. People on radio and television were surprised at how good the Yankees were playing. I was not. I expected the high of highs and the low of lows, yet they continued to surpass our expectations. When the Boston Red Sox took back the division lead I said to myself, “Don’t worry, you’re playing with house money.

What surprised me the most was when the Yankees got David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, and Todd Frazier.  That made fans believe in the team even more. Then they went out and traded for Jamie Garcia and Sonny Gray and the whole world said the Yankees were going all in. I expected the shoe to drop at some point and there were times during the season when you saw the flaws seep out.

On Tuesday night every fear you could possibly have about the season flashed right before your eyes. Were they too young to understand what it meant to be in the post season? Were they too stupid to realize how hard it is to win in the Playoffs? First batter and boom, the Yankees are down by one. Will the moment get to them? Three batters later and the Yankees are down by 3. Luis Severino no longer looks like the dominant pitcher he was for the team this season. He was out faster than Donald Trump in Puerto Rico.

Cleveland_Indians Chief_Wahoo Meet_The_Matts

In comes Chad Green, who was also making his first playoff appearance but it didn’t faze him. He knew what he was up against… he needed two outs. Every person in the stadium is restless but somehow the Yankees prevailed. They got out of the inning and added a 3 spot of their own. That’s just 1 inning of baseball. The lows of low but also the highs of high.

Hello, Cleveland.

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