With “What Ifs” Aplenty for Melancholy MLB Fans, Here’s Yo La Tengo; Best Baseball Story Ever?

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“What Ifs” Aplenty for Sad #MLB Fans; Best Baseball Story Ever?! Yo La Tengo & @TheRealYLT. @Matt_McCarthy00 reports https://meetthematts.com/2017/10/yo-la-tengo-melancholy-mlb-fans-baseball-casey-stengel-justin-turner-jay-bruce/NEW YORK, NY – Whilst the Major League Baseball season is over for many fans – in the sense that their team is golfing, cleaning gutters or tanning on some hurricane-friendly beach, we are still under its grip… We’re not ready to stop playing Tap Baseball on our phones. Not ready to end the the “what ifs” floating in our imaginations. What if Noah didn’t work out like a Arnold? What if Travis d’Arnaud was really 6’2″, as hie’s been listed on the Mets website since he’s been in the Bigs (ironically)? What if Gary Sanchez didn’t make Mike Piazza look like a Gold Glover? What if the Yankees didn’t absolutely cave-in last night in Cleveland vs a team making less than half they do? What if Ray Ramirez had never set foot near a Met – especially David Wright? Yet, there are baseball-related things we can immerse ourselves in, waiting for the Hot Stove League to heat up. With that, we give Yo La Tengo, arguably the Best Baseball Story Ever (and Hoboken-based, quintessential critics’ band, YLT), as told by MLB’s Best OratorCasey Stengel.


See? Wasn’t that worth it?

But back to yesterday in local baseball.

NY Mess: Do you think the Mets could have found a spot for Justin Turner? Or how about  Jay Bruce? Nah. Sandy Alderson will have David Wright back after yesterday’s back surgery. And that bum Dan Warthen is gone, so that will offset Turner & Hooch Bruce.
Jay_Bruce Justin_Turner Meet_The_Matts Tom_Hanks

NY Stankees: After knocking out Corey Kluber and sprinting to a 5-run lead, the Yanks should have been off to the races, no? But the the Flo at Progressive Field was clearly going against them, and an agonizing 13-inning loss was their reward! Thank you, Baseball Gods. Thank you, Big Al Sternberg!

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P.s… Here’s a little You La Tengo to sweeten your day.

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