Turn Back The Clock with Cheesy Bruin: FREE NFL Picks, Cheerleaders, NFL News

Turn Back The Clock with FREE NFL Picks, NFL News, Cheesy Bruin, Saints_Cheerleaders

FREE NFL Picks, Cheerleaders, Cheesy-Bruin-Cowboys-Bruins, NFL News, MEET_THE_MATTSMARLBORO, NYDoesn’t everybody feel refreshed, having gained an extra hour of sleep last night as a result of Daylight Savings Time? When I hear the words “turn back the clock” this time of year, all I envision are the 1977 Topps baseball cards with the same sub-heading that I collected as a kid. Presently, I’d like to turn back the clock to two or three years ago when my FREE NFL Picks against the spread were winning at a 60% success rate. After a putrid 1-3 mark last week, I’m right around 50/50 in the Cheesy Bruin Free NFL Picks segment here at MTM. I’ll try turning things around for the better with these gems…

Turn Back The Clock with Cheesy Bruin: FREE NFL Picks, Cheerleaders, NFL News
Saints preserve us!

FAVORITE The Dallas Cowboys are favored by two and a half? Huh? As I try to wrap my head around the Cowboys being favored over the Kansas City Chiefs who are the better team between the two, the fact is this whole Ezekiel Elliot suspension has turned into a lesson in United States litigation and appeals. The circus of appeals has humorously dragged on long enough for the star running back to suit up in Week #9. So much for trying to punish NFL players for their wrong-doing, Commissioner. Anyhow, the Cowboys have the ability to control the pace of the game and will need to do so, in order to slow down a big-play Kansas City offense. I’m not sure how they do it, but the Cowboys get the money today. The Pick? DALLAS -2.5 over Kansas City.

UNDERDOG The Houston Texans season went down the toilet when Super Rookie QB Deshaun Watson blew out his knee in practice mid-week. Now the Texans have to rely on Tom Savage to take the reins of what was a prolific offense. Ain’t gonna happen. No way, no how. Defenses will now stack the box and force Savage to beat them with his arm. The Texans would have better luck with Randy Savage at QB. Today’s line against the Indianapolis Colts sits at minus-7–down from the opening line of minus-14 when Watson’s health was in tact. The Colts are a pesky bunch and normally fare well against the Texans. The Pick? Indianapolis +7 over HOUSTON.

OVER For the New York Giants to be competitive the rest of the way, they will have to count on their defense to shut down the opposition. The injuries at the skill positions, a sub-par offensive line and Eli Manning running for his life won’t add up to a lot of points. Thankfully on the other side of the ball are the surprising Los Angeles Rams who haven’t had any trouble scoring. If they put up their comeuppance of 28-31, then this could get us the cash. The Pick? LA Rams/GIANTS OVER 42.

UNDER The normally explosive New Orleans Saints have become more of a balanced run/pass team. Their great success and first-place 5-2 record will attest to that. Jeez, even the defense is doing its part, as they’ve rolled off five straight wins. Examining their over/under mark, you’ll find that three of the four “overs” were by a 1/2-point twice, and 1-point in the other. What I’m getting at? This is a different team with a whole new philosophy… The underwhelming Buccaneers stroll into the Big Easy with a banged-up Jameis Winston. Ryan Fitzpatrick waits for his number to be called with one good hit on Winston. The Pick? Tampa Bay/NEW ORLEANS UNDER 52.

That’s it, come back for DJ Eberle , who’ll want to Turn Back The Clock to before his Bills got smoked by the J-E-T-S. And please follow us on Twitter – @CheesyBruin & @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.


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