Yankees News, Shohei Ohtani Rejects NYC, Aaron Boone Finally Meets Press

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SPANISH HARLEMAaron Boone was finally introduced as the new manager of the New York Yankees. It’s still weird seeing someone other then Joe Girardi as Yankees manager, but I have been here before when the Bombers moved on from Joe Torre. We’ll talk about that and I will also bash Shohei Ohtani for rejecting NYC. So let’s get to  it.

Yankees News, Shohei Ohtani Rejects NYC, Aaron Boone Finally Meets PressAaron Boone

I was surprised the New York Yankees went with Boone. I thought they would go with Hensley Meulens as a communicator; he speaks 5 languages and was well-respected as a coach. As much as the organization stated that experience would not be a major consideration, I expected that experience would somehow be the determining factor. They went with someone with absolutely no managerial experience. I won’t lie, that makes me uncomfortable… but I trust that Brian Cashman and company made the right decision.

As I watched the press conference, I saw what made Boone such an intriguing candidate. He was very personable and spoke well with the media. Did he seem a little nervous? Yeah. But he also controlled those emotions and was able to give thoughtful answers. How will that translate to his job as manager, I dont know. The team still does not have a full staff or even a bench coach. What they don’t need is a pitching coach, since Larry Rothschild will be back in the fold. That should be beneficial. Its expected that those positions will be filled at some point within the next few weeks but that won’t help stop any questions fans may have moving forward.

It will be important to add a bench coach who will fit with Boone and help him adjust to life as a Major League manager. One name that has been rumored is Eric Wedge, who interviewed for the job as well. Other than Wedge, questions still remain so the transition process is not complete. I truly hope that everything works out for Boone; this won’t be easy on him or the fans because change is not easy. The pressure will build when things go wrong, so I hope for the city and their fans that Boone can be the guy that takes this team to the Canyon of Heroes.

Yankees News, Shohei Ohtani Rejects NYC, Aaron Boone Finally Meets Press
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Shohei Ohtani

Seriously?!  Screw that guy!

The Yanks were considered the favorite and made a strong push, only to hear that he would not be meeting with them. That had to be tough to go through but they are stacked with young players that will make an impact, sooner rather than later. I understand if fans are upset because that was my first initial reaction. There aren’t a lot of times that I can remember when the Yankees lose the player they really want… but it does happen. Who can forget the when the Yankees wanted Greg Maddux but lost him to the Atlanta Braves.

The Yankees won 5 chips after that, while Maddux only won 1. Hopefully life will repeat itself for Yankees fans.

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