Sports Quiz. 5 Questions re Kyrie, DeMarcus, Mariners, Yankees, Odell, Adrian Peterson

Babe Ruth Mariners, Sports Quiz, Meet The Matts

SPANISH HARLEMHappy 5th of July! I know it’s not a thing but welcome to my world. Here’s a Sports Quiz that the likes of an Angry Ward may only be able to answer. So pull up your pants and try to answer these questions re Kyrie Irving, DeMarcus Cousins, the Mariners, Yankees, Odell Beckham and Adrian Peterson.

Babe Ruth Mariners, Sports Quiz, Meet The Matts
Babe, you’ve been traded, Babe.

Why are the Mariners good?

The Yankees pitching sucks but do you see this team making a run to the world series?

With all the rumors… do you see Kyrie Irving becoming a Knick? (I DO)

Knicks get Kyrie Irving,

Would you be friends with DeMarcus Cousins? (Maybe?)

If Odell Beckham wanted to take a picture with you on a boat, would you do it?

Okay, Okay… Adrian Peterson calls you out and asks for a hug, you denying that?

I’m done. And yes, that was actually a 6-Question Sports Quiz. But comment below,┬ácome back tomorrow for SOMETHING SPECIAL and check out Gotcha Covered Sports, below.

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