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One for the ladies.. James Corden dances for Rams fan @Grote2DMax. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

MARLBORO, NY – Two and two last week, due to a backdoor cover by the Bengals against Cleveland and the Browns kneel-down victory formation at the Cincy three-yard line. It truly was a bad beat but I’m back at it, nonetheless, with today’s Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks… and NFL Notes & Cheerleaders.

FAVORITE The Buffalo Bills have been playing some spirited football over the last month or so and find themselves a moderately priced favorite against Miami. The Dolphins sh!t the bed last week as predicted here and seem to be a team ready to blow things up once again–new head coach, new quarterback, new, et. al. Josh Allen is still raw at quarterback and needs all the reps he can get at this level and his compete level is admirable even though it’s late in a losing season for the Bills. If Las Vegas is installing them at better than a field goal favorite here even with the Fins having a chance at an 8-8 record to avoid a losing season, we need to pay attention. The Pick: BUFFALO -5.5 over Miami

UNDERDOG There’s a very important game to the AFC Playoffs landscape as the Colts travel to Tennessee for a win-and-in scenario for both teams. Indy is trending up while the normally stout Titans defense has served as the catalyst for their recent four game winning streak. The Titans, 6-1 at home, are trying mightily to get banged up QB Marcus Mariota on the field as he is questionable at the time of this writing. With or without the F (not to be confused with Benny “”Hawaiian Punch” Agbayani), you’re getting a shade better than a field goal and that’s the margin of victory with or without Mariota. The Pick: TENNESSEE +3.5 over Indianapolis

One for the ladies.. James Corden dances for Rams fan @Grote2DMax. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

OVER Is it my imagination or is scoring down across the NFL over the past three weeks? After fast break football for the first three months of the season, things have come to a screeching stop. This observation has made it difficult to find an over bet but I think I found one. With a win the Browns will sport a winning record (8-7-1) for the first time since the Clinton Administration and they’re still competing like these games still mean something to this young upstart team. The Ravens, with a win, clinch the AFC North so they’ll be balls to the wall for a win today. Add up the motivation on both sides and this has points scored all over it. The Pick: Cleveland/BALTIMORE OVER 40.5

UNDER The first meeting between the Chiefs and Raiders totaled 73 points. Today’s match-up is nothing more than a gut feeling so tread lightly with this advice. The Chiefs have not clinched the AFC West division and should be playing defense due to the fact and the Raiders just aren’t consistent enough offensively to get anywhere near 50 points scored. The Pick: Oakland/KANSAS CITY UNDER 52.5

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