Women’s World Cup, Jets New GM, NBA Finals, NHL Finals

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I was not surprised that I had to write but I am exhausted. My daughter has been wreaking havoc with the times she wakes all of us up. I expect her to sleep til 8 and she is up at 5:30 and so on. So today’s piece will be a scatter shot of news that has occurred during the week. The topics? Women’s World Cup, Jets New GM, NBA Finals, NHL Finals

Women’s World Cup: We are less than one month away from the Women’s football World Cup. This version of soccer is the one the USA seems to be best at. The USA is the defending champ and with a good chance of  repeating. There have been 8 of these and the USA has won 3 of them. The second being the emotional and memorable shirt throwing by Brandi Chastain that helped propel record participation and changed opinions of Women’s soccer for the better. Thankfully, unlike a few years back when the tournament was held in Canada, the game will be on all grass fields. As to be expected, the USA are favorites with the likes of France, Germany and Japan also considered to be legitimate contenders for a win. So check it out on your cable sports programming provider (no sponsorship, no name).

J-E-T-S New GM, Joe Douglas: Co-owner Christopher Johnson has redeemed himself by solving a problem he created. The firing of Mike Maccagnan was a massive fiasco but apparently the Jets are not alone, as the Houston Texans just let their GM go. So craziness is not unique… Anyway, there was a scramble to find a guy that could work with Adam Gase. In the end, the Jets chose the guy they wanted all along in Philadelphia Assistant GM Douglass. He has experience working with Gase while they were both still at Da Bears. However, the best part is Douglass is viewed by other GMs and Player Personnel Directors as someone who was destined to be a GM somewhere, as he was that good and talented. We will see if he can make magic happen and lead to a renaissance for Gang Green.

The NBA Finals: It looks like it might be over for the Warriors. They are now down 3-1 and it seems we all made a big mistake in dismissing the Toronto Raptors. Yes, Golden State is battling a lot of injuries and are without Kevin Durant – and now Klay Thompson.  However, you can only beat who is in front of you and the Raptors have showed up and played well, regardless of who was in the opposing jersey. It is not over yet, though, so let’s see if they can seal the deal.

The NHL Playoffs: The Blues were able to take a 3-2 lead on the Bruins. Hopefully we will see the Bruins lose because we can’t have that filthy city win again.  I love the sport personally, but I haven’t been paying nearly enough attention to hockey with the Rangers being so terrible this year. All I know is Boston sucks so lets go Blues. Close it out!


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