Jets Circle The Drain, Mets Falling Short, Pats Cut Brown

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – This Friday was Bills Day at my daughter’s daycare. I threw up in my mouth a bit as she wore a Bills top. I wanted her to wear a Jets top or just not participate but I couldn’t do that to her. My job as a parent is to do no harm and she doesn’t need the stigma of the Jets or to be ostracized at young age. I got to daycare and some kid had on a Steelers Jersey and that is how I knew I was a bad dad. Anyway, today’s topics will be: Jets Circle The Drain, Mets Falling Short, Pats Cut Brown.

NY Jets Circle The Drain: I know I said last week that the season was over. I was using hyperbole but now the Jets are circling the drain. They just lost their back-up QB and have to go against the Patriots. Following a bye, they get the Cowboys, Eagles and Pats again. If I had to blame one person for this, I would blame Christopher Johnson. The Jets co-owner and man in charge while his brother is busy being the UK ambassador. He should have gotten rid of former GM Mike Maccagnan when he got rid of former Coach Todd Bowles. This would have allowed a new GM to make the right choice at coach and properly build. This season is done, and hopefully Joe Douglass can use this season to evaluate the talent he has. I also want to highlight that Head Coach Adam Gase was a failure at a division rival so why was it a good idea to hire him? Bad job Johnson, very bad job.

doris-wong, Christopher Johnson, Meet_The_Matts, Mets, Junoir Blaber

Mets Falling Short: If there were 15 games left in the season, I would think the Mets had a chance. But they are now 3.5 games back with 9 games to go. They had a rough week and I just don’t see them making it. They have to close out on a 9-game winning streak and hope the Cubs have a massive collapse. The Cubs could possibly choke but it’s not likely. So, it will end with the Mets 1.5 games out and then trying to figure out what is next. I do not trust GM Brodie Van Wagenen, but the off season will be entertaining that much is for sure. At least the Mets discovered Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil were quality players. Now they just need to build a bullpen… AGAIN.

Pats Cut Brown: I don’t know who set-up Antonio Brown but I am so glad it happened. I believe it was the Steelers after Brown wormed his way out of Oakland to land with the Pats. Either way, I support these sexual abuse allegations and I hope for a long trail which will make Brown unemployable for a long time.

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