Grinding Ax: Daniel Jones – Jerry Jones DNA Assertions, Jets Beat ‘Boys? NFL Click Bait?

daniel jones, Eli_Manning, Giants, Grinding_Ax, Meet_The_Matts

EDISON, NJ – I’ve heard enough from all my whining New York Giants brethren! Yes, you are disconsolate over Eli Gump’s demise and uncertain of how durable Saquon Barkley will be moving forward. Perhaps you ask yourself.. what is going to happen next? Painfully reminiscent of the drought years of the sixties and seventies and not much light at the end of the tunnel?

What’s Next? Hell, the J-E-T-S at least can blame their horror on the teenage curse of Mononucleosis! To make matters worse, the hated Dallas Cowboys beat you up and sent Eli packing for clipboard duty. Nothing sucks more than that, right?

Enter Daniel Jones.

Yep, Jones…

daniel jones, Eli_Manning, Giants, Grinding_Ax, Meet_The_Matts
Prove my science wrong.

Ironically, there may be DNA evidence that the Giants future is in the hands of a Jerry Jones DNA match! Intrigued Big Blow fans?  Hey, it could be worse. Right?  Blasphemy!

I hate to admit it but the kid looks promising, even after throwing to the Patriots 3 times in Foxboro. Regardless of how bad it gets, Jints Nation, you could be a Redskins fan. That is the worst Sh$t Show in the NFL.Worse than Miami

Most of my fellow contributors believe that Pocahontas is a presidential candidate and Donald Trump won’t be celebrating  with Tom Brady in 2020. Delusional, my friends. What could be worse? Well… How about George W. Bush and Ellen DeGeneres  yucking it up in Big D? #LOL

“I dated Sonny Jurgensen!”

The future looks bright Giant fans, as the rebuild is happening. Soon you will be wearing those Jones jerseys with fanatical pride.

Jets Can Upset the Cowboys

Do not lose your mind over that statement. The team from Texas is a 10-6 caliber squad and this should be a walk for the ‘Boys. They do, however, have a knack of messing things up. Look for a heavy dose of LeVeon Bell pounding the ball into the questionable defensive front. This could be his breakout game for Gang Green.  Dak Prescott will be the wild card. Will he continue his erratic play or settle down and implement the run to create confusion in the Jets Secondary? This may be an interesting game.

Let’s hear your delusional rebuttals and look for my next offering on the silent minority of Rugby. And come back tomorrow for more #FakeNews from @JunoirBlaber.


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