Cancer(s) In The Clubhouse? Carmelo Anthony, Bryce Harper, Odell Beckham, Jr

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They say it should all be gone in a few weeks… but it will get worse. Happy Holidays.

NEW YORK, NY – When you are bald, fair-skinned and didn’t realize that getting that first bad sunburn out of the way was the way to deal with the sunny/warm-weather months, you end up in trouble with the Skin Police. Indeed, you may have to wrestle with skin cancer. Yours truly is guilty of all of the above and currently looks like a lepper  currently being suplexed leper with blotchy sunburn. And that’s being kind. See, the treatment for certain types of skin cancer is a topical cream made of chemicals used in chemotherapy. You voluntarily rub it on your head and face for two weeks and watch unknown Ghosts of Cancer Future make themselves visible. Mind you, I had like two little things on my head. Now look… Anyway, all this talk about cancer got led right back to sports and today’s headline: Cancer(s) In The Clubhouse? Carmelo, Bryce, Beckham

CARMELO ANTHONY: This guy have nudie pix of our Thursday man, Buddy Diaz, locked up on The Cloud (does anyone use/trust that?). Otherwise, there is NO WAY he can keep defending him – like on Thursday – and call him his “favorite player.” That is just frightening. For me, he is, always was and always will be a player to treat like uranium. Don’t touch him. He is, without question a cancer, or better yet… a cure for winning. P.s… Research columns on this site re the Knicks acquiring him. His cancerosity (TM) was noted.

Stastny Brothers

Stastny Brothers

Bryce Harper: How about dem Nats? We should all wear How about dem Nats? shirts next time Philly comes to Shea Park CitiField. Aside from excising this cancerous jerkball from their squad, the Nationals insulted the man-child in the worst way; they won without him. Not since the Quebec Nordiques fled Canada for Denver and WON the Stanley Cup immediately as the Avalanche, have we seen such an egregious slight. And it’s great. Lest we forget, let’s go back to his douchery with the video game cover shenanigans and dragging out his contract situation, torturing Nats fans. You reap what you sew, Bryce. Philly will be your Purgatory.

Odell Beckham, Jr.: Q: Who has the most dropped passes in the NFL? Hint: Beckham. And guess what, the Browns are not the Super Bowl contenders many thought they would be. Granted, the Giants have sucked but it ain’t because of the players they got in return for OBJ. In fact, all may end up with the team for a number of years, which is rare in the NFL these days. And really, Giants fans, do you miss the antics? I don’t. But believe it or not, I’m not ready to write Odell off as a cancer. The jury is still out and after seeing him on Ballers, I’ve developed a bit more open-mindedness about him. Not a man-crush like the one I have for the owner of the Nationals (no corporate name for the park – LOVE that), mind you, but there is something.

Anyway, that’s it. I’ve got to tape my nose back on. Feel free to opine below and come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks and Banter.

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