Corporate Recruiter CC Sabathia, PLUS… Knicks David Fizdale on Hot Seat

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SPANISH HARLEM – CC Sabathia has retired, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t still consider himself a New York Yankee. On his podcast with Ryan Rucco (CC Sabathia’s Farewell to the Yankees), they talked about his love for the team and how he will continue to provide support for his former teammates. There has been some talk between the organization about a role with the front office, which will likely start with a position as a special advisor. Nothing is etched in stone yet, but you can be sure that Sabathia will have some role with the Yankees sooner than later.

How soon will that pay off for the Yankees? Well if you read the same article I read in the New York Post, it could pay off in a pretty big way if the organization somehow sign Gerrit Cole this off-season. Sabathia and Cole have had conversations about what it’s like playing in New York and for the Yanks. There is no player better than CC that will be able to describe and provide the answers that a player like Cole is looking for. Both are California guys and both commanded record-breaking free agent contracts for pitchers. With Sabathia, the rumors were that wanted to play with a team close to his hometown and much of the same whispers are heard about Cole. Now it’s up to the Yankees to make Cole the highest paid pitcher in baseball, as they did with Sabathia. It took a lot of money to persuade CC to come to New York but in the end, he got the Yankees a World Series ring and fans hope to have the same thing happen if they get their man.


Well that didn’t take long, did it? With a pathetic loss at home to the Sacramento Kings on Sunday followed by another terrible loss to the Detroit Pistons yesterday, the fans in the crowd were upset and chanting the dreaded “Fire [Insert Coach’s Name Here]!” Going into his second season with the New York Knicks, fans expected this team to look better, to give effort and to be effective at both sides of the ball. So far, the results have been scary to watch and much of the blame must land on David Fizdale. The media has criticized his player rotations and the consistent changes to the starting line ups. Rightfully so. The Knicks have better players on their roster, yet have not been able to score the way you would expect. There is no flow and players seem to be playing one-on-one ball instead of looking to pass to the open shooter. Guys are just standing around at times, and that is when coaching is needed. In-game adjustments happen with good teams but I don’t get a sense that Fizdale is good at that.

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I could be wrong about all of this and the Knicks could get better as they play more together, but something must happen now. Stick with a starting lineup and play the best defensive players – because it doesn’t matter how much you score if you can’t stop the other team.

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