Jerry Jones Loves Jason, Stat King Seymour Siwoff, ESPN Knows Zip About Mets

Jerry_Jones, Jason_Garrett, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy, Seymour Siwof, Wayne_Gretzky

NEW YORK, NY – The Thanksgiving weekend certainly serves up a full helping of sports for our indulgence. You’ve got the NFL, NBA, NHL and even some delectables simmering on the MLB Hotstove. And while it was cool watching the increasingly entertaining Rangers scare the pants off the mighty Bruins on a Friday afternoon, it was some of the side dishes that tickled my palate…

Jerry_Jones, Jason_Garrett, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy, Seymour Siwof, Wayne_Gretzky
Jerry Jones Loves Jason, Stat King Seymour Siwoff, ESPN Knows Zip About Mets

Seymour Siwoff:
The irony of all statistical ironies is that the Mr. Siwoff, Stat Czar of The Elias Sports Bureau, (which he owned for more than 70 years) came up just one number short of this 100th birthday. But… The Greatest Stat Guy is now forever linked with another man known as The Greatest, Wayne Gretzky. The Great One wore #99 and Seymour passed on at the age 99. Thank you, Sir, for supplying us all with the foundation for countless and continued hours of spirited conversation and fervent debate (often inflamed by my lies), via your impeccably kept records. May you rest in peace.

Jerry Loves Jason:
We’ve kidded about this before but great googly-moogly, the rumors have to be true. Jason Garrett must have Robert Craft-in-a-massage-parlor type pictures of Jerry Jones. After another lost year of failed GREAT EXPECTATIONS and fresh off a loss to the Buffalo Bills of New York State, Jones romantically backed his sh!tty Head Coach.

I know Jason very well. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to spend a football life with him. So I know Jason very well… He’s got my back and I know that too. And he does have my back.

Wow, sounds like somebody has a crush!

ESPN Knows Zip About Mets:
David Schoenfield/ESPN Senior Writer had this to say re J.D. Davis’ value on the Amazins:
From June 4 to the end of the season, Davis hit .337/.395/.581 — the 10th-highest OPS in the majors over that span. Why would you trade a bat like that? Sure, he’s not a left fielder, but with Todd Frazier a free agent, the Mets do have an opening at third base (unless Jeff McNeil plays there) and Davis can probably fake that. If Jed Lowrie manages to return from his injuries, Davis still has value as a bench player — depth that the Mets have lacked in recent seasons.

What does one do when one is confronted with such rubbish? You take to Twitter… in two Tweets!

You cannot follow that, so we’ll end here for now. And after you read this, come to Randall’s Island for the 60th New York Rugby Club 7s tournament. Look for yours truly and the NYRC Old Stars. 1st match at 9:30 AM on Field 5o. If not, we’ll see you right back here tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks & Banter… He’ll be gloating about the ****ing Bruins, no doubt.
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