Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks: Battle of Red-Heads, Cards On Table

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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – My Thanksgiving sports long weekend got off to a bumpy start with the Dallas Cowboys losing at home to the Buffalo Bills, as I tried digesting a plentiful holiday meal. I’m starting to get the opinion that if the Cowboys were on The Mayflower it certainly would have sunk, as this team just appears to be shipwrecked. They are a mid-1980’s New York Yankees organization to which I’ll explain at season’s end. Thank the heavens for the Boston Bruins who ripped out Rangers hearts in a 3-2 OT victory in Beantown on Black Friday. As things are pointing up let’s ride some momentum with winners for you gamblers desperate for advice. Why would you be here otherwise?

FAVORITE The Arizona Cardinals have yielded 23+ points in every game this season, as you would expect as much of a team who hired a college coach who ran a gimmick offense in Kliff Kingsbury. Last time I checked there are two sides of the ball in football and you just can’t try to outscore opponents while you ignore effective defensive game planning. I know the Rams aren’t exactly anything resembling a team who went to the Super Bowl last year and are starving for a complete effort and should get back on track against the Birds ,who’ve lost four straight. The Rams were completely embarrassed on MNF and have to be ready to wash themselves clean of that performance. The Pick? Los Angeles Rams -3 over ARIZONA

Cheesy_Bruin, Rich_Perlongo, Meet_The_Matts, FREE_NFL_PICKS, Cowboys, Tre'Davious White, Sam_Darnlod, Mayflower, Andy_Dalton, Kiff, Kingsbury2
The Mayflower riding the winds of Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks

UNDERDOG This selection sets up nicely. The Bengals are winless. They’ve made the switch back to the Red Rifle at quarterback due to a season long ineptitude on offense. The J-E-T-S blow into town riding a three-game win streak hitting for 34 points in each of those wins. Vegas thinks this game is a lot closer than the betting public perceives as the Jets are a very slight favorite at a field goal. You can’t trust the Jets on the road as favorites anyway. The Bengals will win this game outright and may ride this to a modest win streak of their own with a winnable schedule ahead. The Pick? CINCINNATI +3 over New York Jets

OVER It’s been a month since Green Bay has scored thirty or more points and should be able to as soon as they step out of bed against the Giants. The Packers are due and could threaten the over on their own given the sieve that is the Giants defense. This will be competitive for maybe the first half with the Pack pulling away in the second to a relatively easy cashing of our ticket. The Pick? Green Bay/NEW YORK GIANTS OVER 45

UNDER You really can’t get excited about the aforementioned Bengals-Jets tilt other than Jets fans hoping to extend that win streak. There’s only one way the Bengals can stay close and win this game and that’s by playing a tight low scoring game and I think they can do it. Conventional wisdom suggests the Bengals won’t score that much based on their body of work this season. This selection can get blown up only provided the Jets and San Darnold stay hot. The Pick? New York Jets/CINCINNATI UNDER 41.5

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