Monday Morning QB: Jets, Giants Win, Cryin’ Cowboys, AFC/NFC Rundowns


EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday fans! I was so exhausted from my weekend activities of taking the kids to see Santa, Gingerbread house and all the Christmas stuff meant to create moments and stuff, which the kids are too young to remember… Anyway, I am rambling so let me get to today’s article. It’s time for the rundown of the NFL action this weekend and some Monday morning QB. We will look at the Jets, Giants Win, Cowboys Cryin’, AFC/NFC Rundown.

Jets and Giants Win: Both New York sports teams are Terrible, with a capital T. So the idea that both of them win on the same weekend has been rare, to say the least… The Giants won against their division rivals the Washington Ethnic Slurs. It was a high-scoring, as both teams have been awful because they have ZERO defense. The Jints took advantage to drop 40+ points for the first time all season… Meanwhile, the New York Jets continue to confound, as they found a way to lose to both the Bengals and Dolphins this season but found a way to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and knock them out of the six seed in a tight game… which the Jets normally lose.

Monday Morning QB: Jets, Giants Win, Cowboys Cryin’, AFC/NFC Rundowns


AFC Rundown: The Ravens came back against to Browns to lock up the #1 seed all the way through… The Bills choked – well their defense did – against the Patriots, as New England came back to win a game in which they had  17 & 15-play drives to take the lead and secure the win… The Chefs trounced Da Bears to hold onto the #3 seed and put pressure on the Patriots to have to play all their starters next weekend if they hope to keep the 2 seed. Do you know the Patriots have never made the Super Bowl, when they didn’t have a first round bye?The Texans won to lock down the 4th seed and in the AFC south, while their main rival – the Titans – lost, yet moved up to the 6th seed, courtesy of the Steelers losing to the J-E-T-S. It sets up a play-to-get-in game next weekend between the Steelers & Titans. #GoTits

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Cryin’ Cowboys in Duel at the Not O.K. Corral: Garrett vs Christie. Cheesy Bruin & Grinding Ax in tears.

NFC Rundown: Let’s all laugh at the Cowboys! HAHAHAHA! This should be the end of Coach Clap, aka Jason Garrett as the head coach. It also sets up the Eagles to win the NFC East and that should concern the other teams in the conference because under Doug Peterson, the Eagles have been a crafty opponent. The rest of the positions look to be set and it is just a battle for seeding… Angry Ward’s Vikings and Packers play tonight, with the winner getting the three seed and a chance to still get the two seed and a bye… The other tasty match-up sees Seattle and San Fransisco battle for the king of the west. San Fran’s big win this weekend coupled with Seattle’s shock loss set it up… Sitting pretty at #2 are the New Orleans Saints, who remain a threat and can secure the #1 overall seed if the San Fran stumbles next weekend.

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