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BLOOMINGBURG, NY Seinfeld was said to be a show about nothing and I can relate to this because I truly have nothing to write about with this Sports Pandemic hovering over sports lovers. I’m gonna try just the same with a few random thoughts.

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Daytime television absolutely bites. It doesn’t matter how many times I scan the guide the same horrible shows are all over the dial. So I stumble on live horse racing and am now thinking about opening up a telephone account with TVG. This is not good for a reformed gambler. It’s a slippery slope as they say but some schmuck turned a fifty-cent Pick 5 bet into a half million dollar payday early last week down at Gulfstream Park. The bettor picked all five long-shots that hit the finish line. I’d like to see a movie or at the very least a documentary about this lucky S.O.B and how a person selects a bunch of nags ready for the glue factory.

The NFL Draft is set for Thursday-Sunday. Four days to select incoming animals to play football is a far cry from the good old days when it took one day and twelve rounds of hopefuls. At least with this virtual draft there will be no awkward bro hugs from commissioner Roger Goodell, who will be holed up in his Bronxville home. I’d love to see what a salary of $38M gets a person... but in Bronxville? Commissioner Gordon was the only commissioner I ever liked and he was that sexy Batgirl’s father.

Maybe I’ll have something better next week but in the meantime, leave your two cents downstairs and come back tomorrow for the always-entertaining Sports Rain Man, Junoir Blaber.

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