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BLOOMINGBURG, NYEver have one of those days where you have to grind through whatever you need to do? I’m talking about the most menial of tasks like brushing your teeth, showering and eating that have become less necessary during this pandemic. Well, I’m there right f***ing now. A routine of nothing is wearing very thin and so is the morbidity of our current situation to a “glass half-full” kind of guy. Never one to sugar coat crap, I’ll carry on with an extra heavy heart for today.

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Sports? There’s little of it as a distraction to what’s going on around us. Yeah, there was the NFL Draft marathon over the last three days which I tuned into for the opening night of coverage. There were some light moments during the course of round one if you were paying very close attention. Mike Vrabel apparently has some Bill Belichik Belichick in him as he appeared unfazed by The Three Stooges surrounding the Tennessee head coach while he looked at the laptop in front of him. There was one redheaded stooge sporting a mullet flanking on one one side of him and what looked like the illegitimate offspring of the Blue Man Group missing a chromosome on the other. Completing the picture was Stooge #3 0n left, sitting on the commode, pants around the ankles, with the door open. You just had to get the feeling this was all orchestrated by Vrabel, protesting the NFL’s decision of invading the private space of league personnel in order to deliver the television production of the draft. It definitely was Belichik’s Belichick’s disciple sticking up his middle finger to the league once you got past the absurdity of it all.

Cheesy_Bruin, NFL_Draft, Meet_The_Matts, CeeDee_Lamb, Dallas-Cowboys, Mike_Vrabel

Cheesy Bruin, creepy Cowboys fan, making everyone uncomfortable.

Observation Number One of having cameras in the living quarters of these college kid’s homes was very telling. Some of these incoming rookies will be taking a pay cut once they enter professional status. Much is made how some of these young men from inner city backgrounds have it so tough surviving the financial strain of college life but those spaces looked pretty well-furnished, to say the least. There were some hoochies on couches checking themselves out on the screen as the camera went live. Sitting positions changed for a more flattering view. Good stuff. Cee Dee CeeDee Lamb’s girl looks like she came out of an early 1990’s rap video and will probably burn his house down if he doesn’t put a ring on her finger. Ya heard it hear first, folks… And Kliff Kingsbury’s feng shui driven abode? That sh!t looked straight out of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” I was waiting for Robin Leach to comment on what America was seeing. The Arizona coach is clearly laundering money… As pointed out on this site, Roger Goodell has a very uninspired man cave for a guy making that kind of bank, while Jerry Jones’s opulence is very Trump-like.

Thanks for bearing with me today. Talk about what you saw that I may have missed in the comments below. And come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, whose J-E-T-S sh*t the bed in the the Draft… or did they?

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