Patty Nice Gets Paid, Bruins Get Stick Shafted in NHL Playoffs

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SHOHOLA, PA – My apologies to the staff here at MTM for last week’s alcohol-induced absence. @CheesyBruin pees on the NY RangersIt’s somewhat of a good thing when your birthday is two days before the birth of America but there’s hell to pay when the holiday weekend is over. Speaking of over, I couldn’t get over the fattest sports contract ever signed last week. While not to throw you off my usual curmudgeonly view of sports these days, I also will do some complaining to close today’s post.

First, that NFL mega deal. Pat Mahomes II has the world by the footballs. He’s 24 years old, has a girlfriend with a sweet caboose, is the reigning regular season MVP, Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl Champion and wait for it… the recent recipient of a little more than a half billion $$$ ten-year contract. Health aside, at term’s end he’ll still have some prime years left for another big payday and who knows how many rings Patty Nice will have by then.

There’s a good feeling about this kid – one that I seldom get about a sports star in this day and age. He comes from good athletic stock and had an obvious head $tart, having an MLB dad. Pat, Jr. is gifted with that right arm and the bright lights of stardom don’t appear to bother him off field, and he is even-keeled in the biggest of moments on field. There is a Jeter-esque quality about the young Mahomes but I give more credit to the pigskin pitcher than the shortstop because of the team #2 played on. Just can’t stand the Yankees is all.

Cheesy_Bruin, Pat_Mahomes, NFL, Meet_The_Matts, Covid-19, Coronavirus, NHL Playoffs, Boston Bruins, Rich Perlongo

I digress…

Mahomes says and does all the right things and is as guarded with his words as his actions and owes his relief-pitching pop credit for coaching him in media relations. Jeter has the edge having done so in the largest media outlet in North America if not the world while Patty Nice is doing so in middle America and there’s no comparing the two there. The talent, leadership, composure and winning are eerily similar. I’m on record now in predicting in 2031, Patrick Mahomes II will end the New York Jets Super Bowl drought of 62 years.

Turning to the ice

An NHL item/complaint having my ire is the format for the playoffs, which I still think won’t happen, but since it’s closer to hopeful puck drop I’m gonna bitch. Seven-eighths of the NHL season was played and yet the Boston Bruins who were eight points clear of the next closest team as President’s Trophy (no, not Trump) winners, will be forced to play in a round-robin of three games with the three other highest point total teams (Philthy, Tampa, and Washington) to determine the top four seeds? Bullshith! After proving themselves over the course of seventy-plus games, the Bruins now have to fight for the top spot that was rightfully earned from October through March and can possibly finish with the four seed! Double bullshith!

Have a nice day. I’m outta here. But throw your two cents in below and comeback tomorrow for a guy whose columns need written subtitles for, Junoir Blaber.

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