Sports Rain Man: The Steve Cohen Mets, NY Football Horrors, Man United Madness

Steve Cohen, Daniel_Jones, Giants, Jets., Manchester United, Sam_Darnold, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber
A young Grinding Ax Walt joins Danny Dimes and Steve Cohen rooting for/against Man U!

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday… Yes, I am back on Monday duty. I am here to spark sharp conversations and… Aw, who am I kidding? I got nowhere else to go to talk about sports and no other place has fans forced to listen – like you – so, thank you. With that, here is what is on tap for today: The Steve Cohen Mets, NY Football Horrors, Man United Madness.

Steve Cohen, Daniel_Jones, Giants, Jets., Manchester United, Sam_Darnold, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber
A young Grinding Ax Walt joins Danny Dimes and Steve Cohen rooting for/against Man U!

The Steve Cohen Mets

Okay, so now that the Mets’ season is over and they just missed out on the playoffs, as we all expected, it’s time to look forward to the off-season… AGAIN. The reason we’re all looking forward is because this will mark the Wilpons becoming minority owners. New owner Steve Cohen extended the Wilpons an olive branch and named Sandy Alderson (see Short Matt’s column) as his future team  president, should his takeover be officially approved by his fellow MLB owners in November. Sandy is trusted in the game of the baseball and it was probably a key to get in the Wilpons  to sign over. It means he will not be the GM. Some are saying he will look at Theo Epstein, who is in his 9th year with the Cubs and he might be looking to move. Theo often said he’s always given himself no more than 10 years at one t place. Some are saying he will sign Brian Cashman, which I don’t believe because Cashman aint leaving the Yankees. He might choose one of the trailblazing women executives or he may go find the supposed new Epstein by hiring one of the top assistant GM’s in the game. Time will tell but I’m actually excited about this Hot Stove Season to see who will be signed and what this new back office actually looks like.

NY Football Horrors

Man! How bad are the New York football teams now?! The J-E-T-S saw the Giants l0se 36 – 9 and said, “We can beat that!” They then talked the talk, losing 36-7. I can’t comment on the Giants, as I haven’t heard much other than that I know that Danny Dimes is a fraud. I know I have a lot of nerve to say that considering that as a Jets fan, Sam Darnold threw for 3 interceptions with one being a pick 6. For the second straight Sunday, he has looked nothing like a number one draft pick. I know Short Matt is wondering if he’s been turned into the next Browning Nagle (see his article last year) but not I’m not quite sure about that yet. I just think that Darnold is struggling and I put it all down to Adam Gase… I hate Gase. He’s a horrible coach. He’s hurting the quarterback and putting the team in trouble. Quite frankly I’m hoping the Jets lose and keep losing so that they’ll finally get rid of Gase and maybe maybe the Johnsons will do things properly and GM Joe Douglas find a better coach that fits his personality, instead of hiring the coach and then trying to find a GM that’ll work with that coach.

Man United Madness

Finally, the last stuff that I got is soccer.  I am a Man United fan and I’m watching as interesting things unfold. This is the offseason ,even though games were played. The season kicked off but all the trades are to be made before the end of the offseason and early part of the new season. I say “trades” just to make it simple on soccer fans but I’m watching the coach trying to figure out how to complain about a lack of resources and get bashed on both sides, even though it’s clearly the team president who’s not giving him any ability. This is because the way Manchester United is structured, there is no GM or Director of Soccer operations. It’s just really the team president and the manager and the team president answers to The Glazer family, the same family that own the Tampa Bay Bucs.  I don’t think I’ve seen this in American sports recently, but if anybody’s got any ideas I just would love to hear your takes. I mean, what can he do? Is he to be come out and be honest? They’ll fire him. Is he to keep playing nice and find a way around this and needle with the president? Who knows?!

Anyway, hanks for reading and come back tomorrow for frisky Ben Whitney.

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