Big Ben Tuesday: NFL Banter, Bumbling Two-Point Conversions, A Putrid Performance by the New York Jets

I think we'd all prefer to look at Mrs. Tannehill over Ryan.

STAMFORD, CT – NFL Week 6 was hard on the eyes, featuring Aaron Rodgers playing like Kenny Rogers (RIP), and a couple of head-scratching two-point conversion decisions by bumbling coaches. But none of that out-sucked the putrid performance of our New York Jets, who have become the clear favorite in #tankfortrevor campaign. That was like watching a steaming pile of dog crap slowly sink into the ground. Plug your nose folks, let’s dive in.

Adam Gross

If Adam Gase still has a job as you’re reading this, color me bef*ckingfuddled. When you start 0-6 following three consecutive losing seasons, you’re already on the hot seat. And that’s without antagonizing the team’s best player on both sides of the ball out of town.

Now there’s this latest hub-bub with Greg Williams, who said in response to a question about the defense giving up 32 points a game, said “It’s not a very good number — and a lot of it’s not all defensively.” ESPN called it a “veiled shot at the offense.” Huh? None of that sentence is true. It wasn’t “veiled” and it wasn’t a shot. It was a straight fact. A real head coach would have stood up and said “he’s right, the offense is not performing well and that’s putting pressure on the defense.”

The Jets are last in the league averaging 12.5 points per game. Spoiler alert, it’s not all on the defense. I am confused as to why that statement would be considered controversial. Was he making obscene gestures when he said it? This is a house on fire.

Gase’s claim to fame was Peyton Manning’s solid play with Gase as his QB coach/OC, and Manning’s ringing endorsement. Well, I hate to point out the obvious, but maybe Manning would have been good with my dog Chief as his QB coach.

Peyton: What’s that Chief?
Chief: Ruff
Peyton: Yeah, that zone coverage was rough. Should we go trips right and flood the zone?
Chief (whines hungrily)
Peyton: Trips left then?
Chief (pants, licks balls)
Peyton: Let’s do it.

And exhibit B is Ryan Tannehill. The guy looked like a weed under Gase, but has blossomed into a mvp caliber rose since taking over for Marcus Mariota in Tennessee. And now Gase is doing the same thing to Sam Darnold. They need to show this guy the door before he does any more damage or Darnold will also be backing up some mediocre QB like Derek Carr in a few years.

Here was a typical Jets series on Sunday:

First Down: Gore 3 yard run up the middle.
Second: Flacco tried to hit Perine on another check-down but the throw was behind him and the rook couldn’t reel it in.
Third: Flacid (sic) hit Perine on a similar route but he went out of bounds a yard short of the first down marker.
Fourth: Punt.

P-U-K-E, PUKE PUKE PUKE! It’s hard to remember that Joe Flacco won a Super Bowl, but even Flash Gordon wouldn’t look good on this team. And Frank Gore deserves better than this train wreck.

Clean house now. There is no choice.

I think we’d all prefer to “Gase” at Mrs. Tannehill over Ryan. Right Peyton?

Two Doofuses Go For Two

First there was Romeo Crennel, apparently trying to shake the “interim” tag with a “go for the jugular” approach. But come on, was he not paying attention all those years under Belichick? Even if they gave up a desperation time TD in the final minute to Ryan Tannehill, they still would have had a chance to stop the two point conversion, which has a sub 50% success rate.  It was dumb to go for two there, even though Henry would have probably plowed the conversion in to tie anyway. In fact, the Titans probably should have gone for two at the end of regulation and ran the same wildcat Henry run they ran in OT to win the game.

Desean Watson’s demonstrative reaction when the Texans lost the OT coin toss was great. Way to show faith in your D there, Desean.

Then there’s was Riverdouche Ron. It’s one thing to go for two to win a game if you have Lamar Jackson. The Washington Dipshits do not have him. The play had no chance from the snap (though it wasn’t as bad as the Eagles’ late game attempt). Part of me was hoping for Washington to convert – Trevor Trevor Trevor! – but it was not to be.

Rivera had to figure he had at least a 50% chance of winning in OT, which is higher than a two point conversation percentage and surely way higher than a two point conversion percentage with Kyle Allen under center. Another reason not to do it is that ties might actually matter in the NFC East. The Giants and the Dipshits might be one game out of first place as your read this, if the Cowboys lost on Monday.

And don’t get me started on that ridiculous Washington interception in the end zone that was allowed to stand when his elbow clearly hit white. Do they need Perry Mason to do down there and test the elbow for lime residue? Nonsensical call there.

That’s enough babbling for today. Come back tomorrow for some fresh babbling from Angry Ward Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts

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