Sports Rain Man: Dodgers Close In, Bad Jets, Mets Moves

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday! I cannot believe the weekend is over so fast. Between my real estate work and honey-do-list, the whole thing was over. But anyway let’s get to today’s topics: Dodgers Close In , Bad Jets, Mets Moves.

Dodgers Close In

The Dodgers are almost there. Some may wonder if this weird shortened COVID-19 season should have an asterisk on it should the Dodgers win it. However, that is irrelevant. They need to just win it. The Tampa Bay Rays are the ultimate Moneyball team and have ridden it all the way to the Series. The problem with being a pure Moneyball team, though, is occasionally you need a bit of great timing from players to make big moments. Unfortunately for the Ray’s, that hasn’t happened enough. The Dodgers are the ones who have gotten the lion’s hare of clutch plays. Maybe the Rays can orchestrate an incredible comeback but I see the Dodgers winning in 6.

Bad Jets

Just End The Season! If the Jets season was a dog, you would take it out behind the shed, shotgun in hand. I mean, there in just about zero left to say about another loss where the offense looked so poor.  What, at least the defense wasn’t bad? The defense held Da Bills to 6 field goals but the offense could only muster 10 points. At this point, only a handful of questions remain: When does Joe Douglas present Adam Gase with a whiskey and gun with one bullet in it? When the Jets get the number 1 pick, do they take Trevor Lawrence or trade down to get more picks to help fill all the holes on the team? Do they take Lawrence? Do they give Sam Darnold his freedom and a chance to go somewhere with a proper O-line, support players and coach? It has worked wonders for Ryan Tannehill once he left the shadow of Gase.

I really don’t get what the Jets are waiting for because we know the season is lost. Mathematicians would have to invent a new formula to confirm the beyond 100 percent certainty that the Jets will have a losing season. It is tough to see where their first win will come from.

Mets Moves

I know Short Matt covered the Mets fan wish-list but my wish-list is a lot different and far more long-term. I want a really good GM with a clear plan. If the goal is not to win now, we need to make some trades and restock the farm system. It is nowhere near where it was a decade ago. I would like to find a place for Wally Backman in player development. Yes he comes with issues, but watching his managing in Vegas, he is good with young players. Essentially, I want infrastructure and clear ability that this team can spend when needed but will be growing the quality type of players needed to compete for the next decade.

Joe Douglas, Trevor Lawrence, Adam Gase, Mets, Rays, Dodgers, MLB, NFL, Meet_The_Matts, Astros, Junoir_Blaber, Pats, Steve Cohen, Moneyball


Anyway, thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Bellicose Ben Whitney, who may give you a far better football recap than just some stale whining about the nose-diving Jets.

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