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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday! I wanted to follow all the recent food talk up with an article like that but  Management would have a fit and I don’t any now any hole-in-the-wall, great meals spots off the top of my head so I will stick to sports today. But don’t worry, the topics are meaty: How The Bills Changed History, NY Jets, MLB World Series.

How The Bills Changed History

The Buffalo News came out with an article this week saying that President Trump claimed that he turned his attention to politics and running for president after his failed bid to take over the Buffalo Bills with Jon Bon Jovi. Wait! We could have avoided these last 4 insane years and this hellish pandemic landscape if the Wilson family had just sold the Bills to Trump?! In retrospect, it would have been a big ask of Buffalo to have taken on Trump. I mean, first off you know he is gonna dangle relocation in taunting appearances unless he got a 100% publicly-funded new stadium. If the city balked, he would have been shopping it around to LA, St. Louis and just about any other city that offered him such a stadium and would be willing to line his pockets (Hey, who is gonna report a bribe that failed?) If he did get the Bills, I don’t see him investing in making the team better because the games are sold out anyway. He definitely would have flipped-out over the Kaepernick thing and any player that took a knee. I say he would have been the George Steinbrenner of the NFL, constantly  running from the VIP box down to the field to yell at the coach and players for not doing something he deemed right. Even though I hate the Bills, I gotta say I am glad this didn’t happen.



Just End The Season! That is what the Jets stand for. What a week for us fools that support this team. They cut Le’Veon Bell, who quickly signed with the defending champion KC Chiefs. They could have tried finding something for him, last year of a contract or not. Looking back, Bell signed, then the organization signed a coach who never liked him, nor fit his philosophy. A lot of people don’t know or remember but OJ Simpson’s first two years in the NFL he didn’t do much, as his coach was hell bent on making him a pass-catcher out the backfield. It wasn’t until he got a new coach that wanted him to be a traditional running back – like he was in college – that his pro career took off. I say that because Bell is an all-round guy but mainly a runner. He is atypical in that he is not a one cut and down hill guy. He dances behind the line of scrimmage until he sees a hole then shoots out for it. If works if you have a dominate offensive line, which the Jets don’t. They bought a top running back and didn’t have the offensive line or quarterback to use him. They cut him and now most fans expect La’Michel Perine to be the main back but he is not; it is 100-yearold Frank Gore. And what did they do after cutting Bell and attempting to send some message? They got shutout, 24-0.

I really don’t get what the Jets are waiting for to fire Gase. His own Defensive Coordinator (Gregg Williams) is publicly pointing out the Offensive Coordinater-genius-turned-Head Coach Gase, is found wanting. Williams is upset one of his best players was traded because the club wouldn’t pay. I don’t know what Christopher Johnson and Joe Douglass are waiting on but I hope there are closer to clarity on the matter. Are they possibly, secretly tanking for Trev?

MLB Playoffs

I hope you love Game 7s. I really think when things get normal, a playoff series with no days off seems to be the best way forward… After starting out 3-0, and looking like they were set to be swept by the Tompa Brady Rays, the Houston Astros came alive and ripped off 3 straight. In Game 7, with the world ready for them to collapse, the Rays found their meddle and won… Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves were up two games to zip, then 3-1 but let the Dodgers back in it. Los Angles dug deep, took advantage of Atlanta’s bad base running, played crazy good defense and somehow were able to get that almighty series win. Now they face Tampa for all the COVID marbles.

Anyway, thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Boisterous Ben Whitney, who may give you a far better football recap.

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