NFL Super Bowl Special: Soup Err Bowl Numb Errs, Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks

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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Not since Wrongway Feldman found his way on Gilligan’s Island via his plan –The Spirit of the Bronx – has the folly of the last game of the NFL season become less than t-ERR-iffic. We risk trademark infringement by uttering what the Big Game was called for 40+ years. Retailers would promote sales off of this game and the money hungry succumb bags of the shield wanted their chunk of change so now we’re living with that. Just ain’t right.

Then I’m thinking Wrongway had an excuse lacking technology and modern day GPS in going wayWardbut what’s with a guy like Jim “Wrongway” Marshall of The Angry One’s Minnesota Vikings, running for the wrong end zone after scooping up one of his NFL record 30 recoveries? One would think he’d hear a teammate yelling something to get him to turn course. It’s probably the reason he’s not in the HOF because he’s from Thee Ohio State University, so you know he had skills.

Segue to the Purple People Eaters and you immediately think of losing these Soup Err Sunday games. The Vikes are one of the few league old-guard teams to never win the Season Finale. The B-Ills (also 0-4 in SB’s but on the come), the color of horse sh!t Browns and Motor City Mishaps haven’t even appeared in one while others including Tennessee/Oilers, Atlanta (choked), Cincinnati (0-2), Cardinals and Chargers franchises have all failed in limited op-ERR-tunity. Sure the Dallas Cowboys suck but there are faded memories of five Lombardi Trophies. But we’re talking about screw ups and errors and the like today.


The picks today? The brainchild of this post morphed from my forecast of a sloppily-played game today. I’m not usually a prop bet type of gambler but take the OVER on turnovers because I can totally see maybe four interception between Brady and Mahomes. It’s not farfetched, due to Brady’s recent choices in trying to chuck it further downfield than in recent memory and the Tompa defense being stout on the run. That will lead to more Mahomes passes, as Andy Reid isn’t ever shy about pitching the pigskin… So long as there are no defensive touchdowns I see the UNDER 56 as the solid wager here… Vegas is not going to give you both the Chiefs AND the OVER because that’d be a lot of moolah to pay out and the house rarely ever loses. Just as odd, I’m about to predict a small field goal favorite to win and not cover the trey. Here’s the score: Kansas City 24, Tampa Bay 23.

JG Clancy

Don’t do what our Superman Superfan JG Clancy recently & erroneously left off of his meat lovers pizza… BACON!!! Say what? King [of Bacon)] Clancy (hockey reference) left the heart-stopping, sodium-laden, oinking goodness of pork off his pie! Ward was correct in screaming, “FUMBLE!” Pick up the pieces for him when sorting your food spread today. Can’t go wrong with an assortment of meats and carbohydrates, despite what Short Matt  – a vegan – will have you think. Clearly he’s been over-concussed from rugby & banging his head against the wall running this site. I think going meatless is next to being homeless.

Happy Birthday, Wild man!

On a sad [food] noteThe Famous Deli-Licious Pork Store of Middletown closed its doors last month and I’m heartbroken.



I love you my brother.

Leave your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for a many that never ran the wrong way because he runs only in circles… Junoir Blaber.

Cheesy-Bruin, Free-NFL-Picks, Meet-The-Matts, Andy-Reid, Pat-Mahomes, Tom-Brady, Bruce-Arians, Wrongway-Feldman Super-Bowl, Google
You asked for a Silly Putty version of Wrongway Feldman and you got it.
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