Sports Rain Man: Carson Wentz, NFL QB Trades, NY Mets Optimism?

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS –  I am relatively awake and the kids are quiet for the first time ever it seems, so let’s get to today’s topics: Carson Wentz, NFL QB Trades & NY Mets!!

Carson Wentz

Everyone and their 4th cousin on their aunt’s side has said their piece about this trade. Except me. So… I think this trade is a brilliant for the Colts. After watching the Stafford trade, I think this was what inspired Baltimore Indianapolis. With one-year rental Philip Rivers retired, they concluded they didn’t have a #1 QB and had to figure out a way forward. In all honesty it wasn’t that much to give up for a proven quantity. Yes, Wentz had a bad season but he is a guy that Head Coach Frank Reich knows. That level of comfort for a coach is priceless. Sure, they are taking a gamble as an organization but players – especially QBs – having a rebirth by changing franchises is very common. My scorecard says the #Colts will have a better year than the Eagles. Not sure what it means for playoffs and/or playoff position.

NFL QB Trades

Is this the way the league is trending? I say yes. First, Matthew Stafford and now Wentz. I think Houston’s DeShaun Watson is definitely getting traded and I think Chicago might be the best fit but they just spent money and picks trading for Nick FolesDallas could be an option but so could my NY Jets… After Watson, there are Seattle’s Russell Wilson rumors… There are also rumors that Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and San Francisco’s Jimmy Grapapappapapappaplolololo, which is interesting. The thing is, finding a QB that is can be a NFL starter is difficult, let alone one that can win you big games. You can expect more teams to be willing to give up the uncertainty of  draft picks for a proven winner.

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This is the first time in a long time as a #Mets fan that I feel confused. I am not sure what this feeling is. Others may call it optimism. You have to forgive me, my other teams are the Jets, Knicks and Rangers. With the Jets, the season is over after kickoff of the first game. The Knickerbockers have been bad for so long that I can’t even remember when they were a legit threat in the league… The Blueshirts have been hot and cold and trying to rebuild on the fly but I do have some optimism about them generally… Going into Spring Training, though, I refuse to believe or have hope because I know it is just when I start believing that they will break my heart. This is the reason this year’s team scares me the most. They seem to be putting together a very good squad – on paper – meaning I am likely to get my heart broken in late September.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben “Pink” Whitney. Yes, I am still running with that. Pink will be here tomorrow.

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