Big Ben Tuesday: 49ers Hop Into Top Three. Who Will They Take? What It Means for Giants & Jets

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STAMFORD, CT – There is nothing I’m inspired to write about. I feel like Junoir.Well, I stubbed my toe last night coming out of the bathroom, my sciatica was acting up, and we were out of Ovaltine. Sorry for the late column, but it was mayhem.” How about we talk some football? The 49ers blasted into the top 3 and the Giants & Jets are taking note. 

49ers Make Their Move

The Niners gave up a lot to get to three. You don’t do that unless you’re going to take a QB. The question is, which one do they like? With a pretty impressive pro day, Zach Wilson looks like a damn good bet to go the Jets. Condolences, Zach

The next two guys on a lot of team’s boards are Justin Fields and Trey Lance. But both of those guys, especially Lance, might need a bit of seasoning. They didn’t move up and take a guy to sit behind Jimmy G. Could Mac Jones of Alabama be the guy? He’s not the fastest or most athletic guy, but he’s NFL ready. And with the Niners having a near all pro team coming off the injured list, they can win now. Would Mac be an upgrade right away?

Sam or Zach

I suppose this means there are three QBs the Niners would draft or that they are not worried about the J-E-T-S taking their guy. Some pundits keep acting like there’s a chance the Jets will keep Darnold. But if that were the plan, wouldn’t they be trading down? Clearly they could get a green ransom for the pick, so surely they have their eye on a QB.

The only question to me is what will they do with the Green Egg called Sam? Why not try calling the Bears? They can’t be serious about going into the season with Andy Dalton as their QB.

Giants Lurking

The Giants are happy that another QB will likely be taken in front of them now. Since they’re not interested in one, that just pushes more of their targets down the chain. It’s conceivable that five could now go before them if Mac gets into the top 10. 

Still a work in progress…

They were supposedly capped out going into the offseason but found a way to bring in the top available WR and CB, a bunch of role players, and resign Leonard Williams. Gettleman got creative in restructuring contracts, and kicked the cap can down the road. Why not, he has to win now to keep his job. He also has can’t fork up this draft. 

Most mocks now have the Giants taking a O-lineman, which I think is a safe bet after cutting Zeitler. They can’t go into the season with the guards they have and who knows what they’ll get out of Nate Solder. If they go all in on Danny D and take a stud playmaker, they’d better find some O line help later.

Other mocks have them taking a defensive player like Micah Parsons or a pass rusher like Kwity Payne. If the Giants can find a quality lineman and a pass rusher, they might threaten to be less than terrible. It’s a make or break year for Dave.

Who do you think the 49ers will take? Tell us in the comments. And come back tomorrow for a man whose great great uncle Ornery Ward was a 49er back in the great California Gold Rush, Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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