No Cooties Here, Rocco Baldelli, Brady’s Bucs’ Bounty

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INDIANA, PA – Back her in America’s bosom, The Birthplace of Jimmy Stewart,  yours truly gets to exhale a bit from the mask-wearing. “Why the reckless behaviour?” (Canadian spelling), you ask. “It’s not,” says me. There’s nobody around and my in-laws have had “the cure.” And that is the lead-in for the first of today’s three menu items, which are: No Cooties Here, Rocco Baldelli, Brady’s Bucs’ Bounty

No Cooties Here

As we all wonder about our immediate futures under the Fog of Pfizer (or other) vaccinations and whether going to the game is safe, we need some kind of sign telling people that we aren’t germ-zombies. We need a modern-day Nathaniel Hawthorne to give us some variation of The Scarlet Letter (with a positive spin), lettig folks know we’re clean. How about a Crimson C? Anyway, that’s why I posted the No Cooties Here (TM) sign in front of Mama Neetz’s & Papa H’s house here in The Christmas Tree Capital of the The World. Granted, the wife and I may have COVID Cooties, if our negative test results are flawed, but we’re assuming we don’t. What’s that you say? That’s exactly how pandemics happen? Okay, point taken. We won’t go to the ballpark until we get the shots and that aforementioned “C.” Side note, we’re having a conversation about the use of “dinner” vs “supper.”  Feel free to expound.

Rocco Baldelli

Unfortunately, the only reason the Twins skipper made the MTM radar today (isn’t Ron Gardenhire at the helm?) is because of the unfortunate passing of the passing of his bench coach, Mike Bell. Condolences to the Bell family. Harvesting a positive from this sad event… Rocco Baldelli not only has one of the sublimely great baseball names ever, it’s also simply one of the most fitting. See, Baldelli is bald. It wouldn’t be nearly as great if he had hair like Jason Werth. Hey Rocco, can we call you “Baldy?”

Brady’s Bucs’ Bounty

I touched upon this recently but here’s an update and Reason 3415 Not To Like Tom Brady: The Bucs are keeping players because of Brady’s salary flexibility. Damn you, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. – stop exposing the rest of us for being bitter, jealous, hyper critical, BALD, pricks. Okay, maybe that’s just me.

On that note, please feel free to comment below and help me become filthy rich as an overnight success as a rugby pundit, simply by watching this:


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