Sports Rain Man: European Super League, RIP Molly Lillard, Jay Bruce

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday!  Is anyone else doing work from home? My work-from-home-friends have remarked it is no longer 9-to-5 but more like 9-to-11. Take a break from your at-home-work and check out today’s piece. On tap today is: European Super League, RIP Molly Lillard, Jay Bruce

European Super League

Junoir Blaber

Big news in the World of Soccer:  There is an all out war going on in European soccer. First, you must understand that every country has its own league – England, Spain, Italy, France, Ze Germans – etc… that is a key part of the story. The top 6 clubs in England, along with the top 3 in Spain and Italy, have decided to create their own championship. It will be played midweek while they play their domestic competition on the weekends. The thing is that Union of European Football Associations, who run European football, already have two midweek competitions – the Champions League & Europa League – featuring teams not just from those countries but smaller European leagues like Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland, Poland, Czech Republic, etc. This super league is a direct challenge to UEFA so UEFA came out swinging. With the support of FIFA (the worldwide association) and domestic associations for each country, they have warned all players that they will be banned from playing the Euro Championships if they stray. For those non-European players, FIFA said they will be banned from global comps and the World Cup. The domestic leagues told the clubs they will be banned from their domestic competition. It is all out war and I actually support UEFA, despite my team Manchester United and Diff’s Arsenal being two of the super league clubs. This is a money grab and needs to be squashed quickly and harshly.

RIP Molly Lillard

I had never heard of Molly Lillard until today. I am a Jets fan and read that she is the daughter of Gang Green fan favorite and Jet Hall of Famer, Al Toon. She was born Molly Toon and went on to have her dad’s height and athleticism and became a Wisconsin HS volleyball two-time Player of the Year. She then went on to be a star at Michigan. So as a Jets fan and a dad, my heart breaks for Al Toon as she was killed in  murder/suicide today. She was killed by her cowardly husband Royce Lillard III, who then killed himself after a standoff with cops. What is even sicker is the couples 8 month old was in the house at the time but was thankfully unharmed. I am just sick to my stomach reading that. I remember my dad always telling me that his greatest fear was that we go before he does. You are suppose to bury me and not the other way around. My condolences to the Toon Family.

Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce is retiring and my question is… what took so long? He has been a shell of himself and yet still conned the Mets into a contract which he got paid to never show up. Even David Wright thought it was shocking. So three weeks into playing for Buddy Diaz’s Yankees, he realized he sucked and he was no longer as good as he was.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who once tried to take of his skate and stab a man in a beer hockey league.

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