Jacob deGrom Done, Javier Baez Not Enough, Another Wrong Trevor. Yet All Not Lost

LAKE PLACID, NY – Driving to this pristine alpine setting is calming, except when your 1998 car radio signals disappear along with your cell phone bars in the hours leading up to the MLB Trade Deadline. With that, let’s get to today’s topics: Jacob deGrom Done, Javier Baez Not Enough, Another Wrong Trevor

Jacob deGrom

He’s done. Put a fork in him. Who is kidding who, here? Met’s Management can fool some Mets fans all the time, all Mets fans some of the time, but it can’t fool all Mets fans all the time. Then there are those like me that can’t ever be fooled. Not once. This is one of those instances. In two week’s time, Jacob deGrom’s near-storybook season will end. They will shut him down officially. After the last home game surgery be announced. The next time we see him will likely be in September of 2022. So why this alleged subterfuge? The answer is simple: Money. Met’s suits want to keep us fans believing. They want us coming to the ballpark, hoping for a pennant and spending $46 for three beers. With deGrom out and no ace brought in at the deadline, the Amazins have no shot at getting further than a division title… not even with their recent acquisitions.

That allows us to seamlessly segue to…

Javier Baez Not Enough

Joan Baez has as much a chance as Javy Baez does to get this current Mets roster to The Promised Land. The Dodgers, Padres and Giants are all better. Neither Baez pitches and after the deGrom news, the unlikely contribution from Noah Syndergaard and Cookie Carrasco’s understandable rust, they will lose the arms race. They needed to get Jose Berrios and Craig Kimbrell, not a free agent rental to make Francisco Lindor happy. About that: Shouldn’t $340,000,000.00 be enough to fire this guy up? Jesus, that’s worrisome. And wrong.

That leads us to…

Another Wrong Trevor

Thank you, baseball gods, for not bringing Trevor Bauer to Flushing. Trevor May was brought in instead. Now we’ve got another Trevor – this time it’s Williams. All three are pitchers but this one isn’t even good enough to make this beleaguered Mets staff. He’s opening up his suitcase in Syracuse and an ERA just under 5 runs per 9 innings.


Getting to the playoffs would be enough this for most Mets fans, especially with the inevitable deGrom doom. Barring injuries, the NL West’s teams are too deep for any other expectations from Mets fans. Rich Hill, Trevor William and Javier Baez are nowhere near enough to alter that reality. And that is why I’m okay with what went down. They didn’t give up any of the proverbial top prospects and can now use those chips to bargain in the off-season.

That’s it for me. Feel free to leave your rebuttals or thoughts below.

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