Big Ben Tuesday: Spider Tack Weekend for Giants, Jets, and Bills; Yankees Bedraggled Bullpen Chokes in Wild Subway Series Finale

Stamford, CT: Watching my sports teams this weekend was like trying to rub one out with Spider Tack. At times it felt like good things were starting to happen, but in the end it was just painful. The Mets vs Yankees in Queens on the Anniversary of 9/11 was wildly entertaining, but it ended in defeat for the good guys. And it was a bad start for the Giants, Jets, and everybody’s Super Bowl pick, the Bills. Let’s get after it.


Yankees vs Mets

The Yankees have lost a ton of wood from the bullpen over the season. The latest and possibly death knell to the season was Jonathan Loaisiga, who has been their most reliable reliever. Watching guys like Wandy Peralta and young Albert Abreu trying to get key outs in high leverage situations has been tough to watch.


Chad Green has about emptied the tank and has given up some crushing home runs of late. So why in tarnation would he challenge Lindor in that spot? The way things went down in that game with the home run whistling shenanigans, they just couldn’t let that guy beat them. Let the Polar Bear hit one to Montauk for all I care. Anyone else. Horrendous strategy and execution there by the Yankees.

It was a shame that Judge left the game. That would have been a way more fun at bat in the 9th vs Diaz than Gardner.



No running game, offensive line breakdowns in pass protection, a key QB fumble, predictable red zone play calling, and difficulty getting off the field on third down – the 2021 Giants look a lot like the 2020 Giants so far.

On the bright side, Golladay made some fantastic catches in spite of barely practicing and Sterling Shepard looks primed for a career year. But they have got to get the running game going or it’s going to be a long season.


The Giants running game looked like ’72 Dolphins compared to the Jets’ running game. This from the Obvious Department, that’s not ideal when trying to protect a young QB.

Kenny G lives!

Speaking of Mr. Zachary Wilson, I like what I’ve seen so far. The kid can wing it and he looks like a fighter, you know, once you get past the baby-faced, trust fund, surfer kid exterior. Jets’ fans should be excited.


This was a weird game as the Steelers scored 23 points in the second half to the Bills’ 6. But the Bills moved the ball in the second half and only punted once. They had three turnovers on downs, two field goals, and that one aforementioned punt was blocked for a TD. I wouldn’t be worried yet, but with an improving AFC East, this might not be the expected cakewalk to the AFC Championship.

Other NFL Notes

Eye Opener

Cards. I didn’t expect the Titans to be great, but that was a bloodbath. Maybe the reason for the late swoon last year was that Kyler Murray wasn’t at full strength. He was at his full video game self on Sunday.

Weird second half in Buffalo

Impressive in Defeat

The Browns had the perfect game plan and personnel for beating the Chiefs, but mistakes down the stretch killed them. With that running game, the Browns can beat anyone.

Honorable mention to Mac Jones here. The Pats should have won that game.

What the F Was That?

The Packers had a big time dud in a road game vs the Saints last year too, so maybe this was an aberration. But what the heck was that mess? It wasn’t even in New Orleans. I heard people say it didn’t look like Rodgers was trying. That’s generally not a good sign.

That Don’t Impress Me Much

I’m not buying the rebirth of Sam Darnold’s career narrative. He has better weapons, so he’ll probably have a better year, but I’m not sure he’s an upgrade over Teddy B. Time will tell that the Jets made the right call sending him away and drafting Wilson.

Oh look, Gary Sanchez just got a walk-off double for the Yankees after the worst sacrifice bunt attempt in MLB history by Gio Urshela. Must sweep vs the Orioles is next.¬†Where’s my Spider Tack?

That’s my time. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, assuming he’s recovered from the Vikings heart breaking loss in spite of a 350+ yard heroic effort from Kirk Cousins. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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