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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday Welcome to a brand new month, my birthday month at that. I am not here to talk about that  – or what you should get me… Instead, we’re talkin’ football because it is Monday and you gotta be ready to talk NFL. Thus, here are today’s topics: Jets Comeback, Bills Find A Way, Giants Giant Test, NFL News.

NY Jets Comeback Victory

The J-E-T-S shocked everyone with a big comeback… When the season started there was a lot of competition for the back-up QB rolls, which eventually went to Mike White and Josh Johnson with the 4th choice, James Morgan, joining former Jets #1 Sam Darnold in Carolina. A lot of people said they should have added an established veteran and not never will-bes. After starter Zach Wilson went down the Jets made a trade for their veteran back-up from last season, Joey Flaco. But they didn’t need him. Outside of a few snaps when White took a huge knock and had to be replaced by Johnson (who went 2 for 4), White went 37 for 45 – throwing 3 TDs – and even caught a two-point conversion to complete a Jets comeback for a 34-31 victory. What was odd about White’s win was it was classic West Coast offense, as White didn’t have one pass over 15 yards. It was totally dependent of yards after the catch and yet somehow the Jets managed an exciting game. On the defensive side of the ball, Gang Green managed to get their first interception of the season. What happens from here is anyone’s guess, as Jets head coach Robert Salah has said anything can happen in terms of if White will stay the QB when Wilson comes back.

Bills Find A Way

The Bills stunk it up at home until late in the third quarter when they came alive. It took some key plays by Cole Beasley to wake up the attack. QB Josh Allen ran for 1 and threw for 2 touchdowns to power his team to victory. I said it once before and I will say it again: until Buffalo get a proper running game – Allen can’t keep leading in that department – they can’t be real title threat. One big hit takes him out along with your main running threat. That’s not good. They have a defense that can compete with others and anything can happen in the playoffs, but this defense is middle of the pack and if there is no running game and they have to work harder, I’m not sure they can hold on.

Giants Face A Giant Test

Junoir Blaber

The Giants have a big task against the Chiefs on Monday Night. A lot of Giants’ fans are riding high from their win against Carolina and Kansas City has not looked like the AFC Champions. Mahomes is not healthy, nor are other key players. But on a player-by-player level and unit by unit breakdown, KC is the better team and it will take a special performance for the Giants to win. I will be rooting against them.

NFL News

Tom Brady and the Bucs look unstoppable. Wait! Did I say that last week? Well, I was wrong. They were beaten by the Saints, who were led by Trevor Siemian after Jameis Winston went down with injury… It was Dallas back-up Cooper Rush who led them in a big win over Angry Ward’s Vikings. Almost half of NFL teams have to use at least two two QBs during the season and if this weekend showed anything, it showed the importance of having a capable back-up.

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