Big Ben Tuesday: deGrom Still Opting Out, Rangers Gear up for Playoffs, Giants Woes

STAMFORD, CT – It’s been over a decade since a New York team has won a championship. Unless you count New York City FC. Soccer joke, no one does. So everyone was bitching about Jacob deGrom’s injury on sports radio today and no one seems to want to talk about it here. So let’s start there and move on to some NY Rangers excitement and some NY Giants the-opposite-of-excitement. How does that sound?

Bring back the flow

Rotation Agitation

deGrom says he will still opt out after this season, despite the shoulder injury. He does know he only started 12 and 15 games the last two seasons due to a plethora of ailments and is set to turn 34 in June, right? Maybe walk it back and give yourself some leeway. I like the confidence, but if he toes the hill 15 times or fewer again this year, I wouldn’t expect anyone to be backing up the money truck. Unless Cohen bids against himself. Hell, he gave Scherzer $130 mill at 37.  What, he’s hurt too? 

Raise your hand if you’re nervous, Mets’ fans. The big ticket free agents never seem to work out for y’all. I kinda hope the Mets win the World Series so we can witness the mental gymnastics of one Matt McCarthy, as he explains why the big-banked Mets didn’t buy a title. I’m kidding of course, I hope they lose 100 games.

Precision Additions

I am not worried about the mediocre performances of the New York Rangers in their last two games vs the Islanders and Flyers. Sure, they’ve got to shore up the D, as they can’t expect Igor to bail them out all the time. But how nice is it to be comfortably in a playoff spot with a month to go?

I feel like a little lull by Igor and the team is to be expected. They’ll have just enough time to ramp it back up for the playoff run. Let’s Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The trade deadline acquisitions by Drury are fitting in great and he didn’t even give up a big prospect or a first round pick (unless they make the Eastern Conference finals, which would be okay with me). Gallant (apparently it’s pronounced in a very American, and not French way. It rhymes with “ant” not “croissant.”) is going to have some tough lineup decisions to make when Kakko and Rooney come back. (Send help, I’m going Parentheses Crazy.)

Ruing and Big-Blueing

In the wildest offseason in, maybe… ever, it sure sucks to be a Giants’ fan. We weren’t in on Deshaun, Hill, Rodgers, Adams, Wilson, or anyone of significance. The biggest drama for us is whether they can get someone to take on Bradberry’s contract and get something back for him. Teams want him, but at a discount. Everyone knows the Giants have to trade him, so they’re trying to wait the Daboll out. He’s trying to keep the poker face and pretend keeping Bradberry is on the table. It ain’t. It’s on the floor.

Expect this to end badly – they’ll get a sixth round pick, or a fourth-rounder but eat half his salary, or nothing and have to cut him. The only other option would be to restructure some bad terrible horrendous contracts like Adoree Jackson or Kenny Golladay, but that kicks the salary cap problem down the road and the Giants don’t want to do that. Hey, at least we have two first round picks and for a few months can pretend they are going to catapult this team into respectability. We’ve got that going for us.

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