Fact vs Fiction Friday: Clearing Up #FakeSportsNews

The Blackburns and Perez family... MLB All-Star Game red carpet.

NEW YORK, NY – With the second half of the Major League Baseball season here, NFL teams practicing, NBA & NHL trades and signings be bandied about, there is a lot to talk about. But what is real and what is #FakeSportsNews. Let’s scratch the surface on this Fact vs Fiction Friday.

Juan Soto To The Yanks

The only one you should believe or listen to re the dynamic young slugger donning pinstripes is none other than our very own, Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis. He hangs with the Yankee brass. Anything else is poop. However, watch how the Stanks build up Anthony Volpe, the SS from New Jersey, making him “untouchable” to dupe the Nats into taking him as the centerpiece in a trade. They are great at that and get a Cap Tip for it. FACT: The Yanks will get him before the Mets do… When he’s 36. Bobby Abreu is nodding someplace.

Best Dressed at MLB All-Star Festivities

I forgot that I was writing this column while scrolling through the collection of photos gathered by the NY Post re the red carpet attire choices of MLB players and their families. It is wonderfully mindless fodder for the soul.  Starling Marte makes me jealous. He’s going all Nick Cannon with NO SHIRT. How these guys not sweat through their suit jackets is beyond moi. FICTION: You can pull off wearing most of these outfits.

Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks

Are we really saying the Knickerbockers shouldn’t sabotage their future by acquiring D-Mitch for 23 first-round draft picks? The Knicks haven’t had a future since 1972 (they last won in ’73). FACT: The brass gives Danny Ainge whatever he wants to get a great guard. I hope never misses a shot, because he’ll be alone on the court.

Yanks Undefeated in the 2nd Half

FICTION: The Astros smoked them twice yesterday. THAT is awesome!

Old Pitchers Conquer Father Time

Just a Dave Parker throw from MTM HQ, the New York Mets have two of baseball’s most revered starting pitchers in Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom. The thing is, Mad Max is turning 38 next week and has missed chunks of the last two seasons. Meanwhile, deGrom had a minor set-back, experiencing “mild muscle soreness around his shoulder.” That’s deGrommian for, “See you in September.” With the other guys in the rotation are due for an IL pit-stop, the Amazins need more than a power bat at DH and a lefty reliever that can go a whole inning. They need, like everyone else, more starting pitching.  FACT: Scherzer and deGrom will not be in the rotation together come mid to late September. One may be but not both.

That’s all for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for man that never misses a start due to injury (he just doesn’t answer the phone), Different Matt.

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