Should The Brooklyn Nets Meet Kevin Durant’s Demands?

Just figured Steve Cohen deserved some air time. He's not in this story.

SPANISH HARLEM – Just when you when you thought it was bad to be a Brooklyn Nets fans, this week’s Kevin Durant news certainly made you feel worse. Of course, this is based the rumors being true. I am not privy to the inner workings of the organization or anything pertaining to what is being said… but facts don’t matter here! Let’s assume the rumors have merit and proceed from there.

On the one hand, if your a Nets fan and Durant wants Steve Nash and Sean Marks fired… what do you care? Just get rid of them and start over! Get yourself a trusted coach and respected GM. Add some role players that will take less money to try a win a championship and run it back with Kyrie Irving, who would most certainly entertain the idea of coming back with a coach and GM of their choosing. Make no mistake, once you concede your team to Durant and Irving, you have to be fully committed to making those two guys happy… at all costs.

Buddy Diaz

On the other handwhat trusted coach and respected GM, would take that job? Knowing full well, that there will be more demands down the line and no job security. I’m sure they could find two people that will take those jobs if they are available but will they be better than predecessors. That is the question you have to ask yourself if you commit to this decision. There is no guarantee that this won’t happen again mid season or next year if things don’t go right in Brooklyn.

Basically, you’re in a lose lose situation. You can trade KD and Kyrie , hope you strike lighting in a bottle and get some serviceable players and a star from the drafts picks you attained… or you can meet the demands of your star players. No matter you look at it, this won’t be easy to deal with for Joe Tsai.

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